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Nevin Shapiro on Franklin: Play audio

Orlando Franklin
  • Position: Offensive tackle

  • Rivals recruiting rank: Ranked as the No. 23 offensive tackle in the Class of 2006.

  • Miami career: An instant contributor as a freshman who started 39 games over his four-year career, Franklin was a steady anchor on the Hurricanes offensive line. He was selected by the Denver Broncos in the second round of the 2011 draft. He is expected to push for a starting spot with the Broncos.

Miami booster Nevin Shapiro alleges he provided multiple extra benefits to Orlando Franklin during his career with the Hurricanes. Among the benefits he claimed to have provided:

• Food, drinks and entertainment at Shapiro's $6 million Miami Beach mansion on multiple occasions.

• Drinks and VIP access in nightclubs on multiple occasions.

• Bounties for plays against defensive linemen.

• Meals at Miami-area restaurants including a February 2007 dinner at Italian eatery Grazie.

Corroborating account

• Yahoo! Sports acquired Shapiro's February 2007 American Express black card statement showing a charge of $1,099.32 for the Grazie dinner Shapiro said was attended by Franklin and multiple players.

• One source corroborated Shapiro entertaining Orlando Franklin with drinks and VIP access in nightclubs.

In Shapiro's words

• "He was at my house at least 10 to 15 times. Maybe even more. Clubs, pay for play – bounties on defensive linemen because he was an offensive lineman. No women. He was part of that most recent crop that was in my house on a consistent basis."


This page from Nevin Shapiro's February 2007 American Express black card statement shows a charge of $1,099.32 that the booster identified as a postseason dinner at Miami Beach eatery Grazie. Shapiro said he attended the dinner and paid for the meals of at least five players: Randy Phillips, Calais Campbell, Courtney Harris, Anthony Reddick and Orlando Franklin (who was a redshirting freshman at the time). An employee from Grazie declined to give specific accounts of meals but confirmed to Yahoo! Sports that Shapiro regularly brought Hurricanes players into the eatery to dine. PDF file


Did not respond to phone messages and a message left on his Facebook page.

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