Alabama self-reported improper trophy placement as an NCAA violation

Make sure you display your trophies properly (Getty Images).
Make sure you display your trophies properly (Getty Images).

Did you know that there are NCAA rules regarding the display of trophies?

Alabama released its list of self-reported violations for the 2015-2016 year on Sunday and one of the violations is because the school improperly displayed a trophy during a recruiting visit. Seriously.

Five of the 19 reported violations involved the football team. Here are the five football violations:

• A trophy was “temporarily placed in an an area where prospects taking an official visit would be, which resulted in an impermissible recruiting decoration of that area.” Alabama said it provided “additional rules education for staff” and it “declared prospects involved ineligible until reinstated by NCAA.

Wonder how long the reinstatement process took.

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• A former Alabama athlete gave free personal training to football players. The school said it provided additional rules education and the players involved paid restitution to charity.

• A coach sent a text message to a recruit and was then barred from making recruiting calls for two weeks. The recruit was then not recruited for 30 days. Another coach texted a recruit as well; he received a two-week recruiting ban and the school didn’t recruit the player for two weeks either.

• A coach called a prospect for the second time in a week. He too was barred from recruiting for two weeks and the team didn’t call the recruit for two weeks.

You can take a look at all of the violations Alabama reported here.

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