Adam Shaheen – Possibly the next Jason Witten?

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In his 14-year career, you can count all the games that Jason Witten has missed on one hand. Actually, you can count them on one finger. The reliable tight end has been an important staple on the Cowboys’ roster. With speculation about retirement looming, the 2017 draft will be an important couple of days for Dallas.

With 7 selections in this year’s draft, there’s a high likelihood that the Cowboys can pick up a replacement for the seasoned Witten, however, stepping into shoes that size is no small feat. At 6’6” and 263 pounds, he is a big presence. If Dallas wants a reasonable facsimile, Adam Shaheen would be a good physical match.

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Adam Shaheen is coming into the draft from Ashland University. The tight end is expected to go fairly quick in the draft, as early as the beginning of the second round. He’s speedy for his size and a monster receiver on top of that. In his time at Ashland, he worked his way up from third-string to starter, where he set several school and division records.


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His history of playing collegiate-level basketball has given him an uncanny ability as a receiver, and his speed makes him a running threat. Someone the size of Shaheen can bowl over the defense, especially playing in the slot against smaller defensive ends. If he can improve his route-running and figure out how to manipulate himself through traffic, he’ll be a dangerous player for Dallas.

He also has some work to do as a blocker, which he has a lot of work to do to leaving Dallas a high and dry after having a player like Witten. With an O-Line the caliber of the Cowboys and TE coach Michael Pope, he may be able to add the right tools to his toolbox and elevate him from an above-average draft pick to another elite member of the Dallas Cowboys offense. -NFL draft profile Adam Shaheen rated 5.59

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