Take 5: Tiger gets back in the swing

Tiger Woods is reportedly dating a 22-year-old. As our own Dan Wetzel points out, this is the best news Woods fans could have hoped for.

From Wetzel:

"He hasn't been much of a golfer since the world (and most notably his wife) found out that he was dating half the cocktail waitresses in Las Vegas."

Maybe Wetzel's right. Maybe what Tiger needed all long to get his mojo back wasn't a swing change but the swinging lifestyle.

What's particularly awesome about this story is that after all the apologies, the tears, the looks into the camera to tell us he's a changed man, he's dating a 22-year-old blonde, just like he was 10 years ago with a girl named Elin.

In related news, we've finally uncovered the explanation for Charlie Sheen being Charlie Sheen. Tiger blood.

Cooler Talk: Busted Bracket


One good bad man

Have you heard of Jon Jones yet? If not, you will.

In the course of a few hours on Saturday, Jones (take a breath) went to meditate in a park prior to his fight in UFC 128 against Shogun Rua, heard a woman screaming that she'd been robbed, chased down the robber, twisted him into a figure-four leg lock (pause for Ric Flair shout out), lectured the guy about crime until the cops arrived, then went and destroyed Rua – heretofore a beast in his own right – in three rounds to put himself in position to face the great Anderson Silva UFC for the light heavyweight championship.

"What else could a guy do in a day?" UFC president Dana White wondered.

Pot, meet Kettle

The NFL owners have moved the kickoff up five yards to the 35-yard-line, which all but ensures more touchbacks than not.

I get the rationale here – kickoffs create heavy contact, and the NFL is super-sensitive to the concussion issue. But instead of creating a rule to do their dirty work, why don't the owners just come out and eliminate the kickoff altogether?

Oh, and while they're busy worrying about the health of their players, the owners need to bag the 18-game season idea, too. Unless they want to continue to bathe in a pool of hypocrisy.

Yellow 'Melo

After Monday's 10-point lost to the Celtics, the Knicks are 7-9 since trading for Carmelo Anthony. Like me, do you get the feeling that 'Melo won that national championship at Syracuse because he didn't know any better, and more importantly because as a freshman he hadn't had time to infect his teammates yet with his bad habits?

Non-news of the day: Carmelo Anthony is not a franchise player. There, I said it.

Why didn't I think of that …

This observation from Barry Petchesky over at Deadspin:

"Lawrence Taylor will be forced to register as a sex offender. So, if you really want an autograph, he won't be that hard to find."

In Jim Rome voice … Hilarious.