5 Reasons Why We're Keeping Up With 'The Fosters'

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The ABC Family series "The Fosters" is now in full swing of Season 1, with its third episode airing last night. Executive Producer Jennifer Lopez shared with Access Hollywood that the show is, above all, about love. "The main thing was family equals love," she said. "Family equals a place where you feel secure and accepted." While we agree with J.Lo about love being the driving force of the show, we'd argue that good looks ranks high up on the list too!

See five moments we loved from the "Hostile Acts" episode:

5. Jesus knows he's hot and so must you. "What can I say? … I'm irresistible."

4. Ms. Lena Adams also looked really good, and we're not surprised. First, she rocked a light pink blazer on a pink top and navy skirt with her signature voluptuous hair. Then, when grading homework, she looked as verdant as a fresh flower.

3. Jesus admitted that he enjoys having two moms. We enjoy it, too.

2. Callie struggled to get words down in class, but she began journaling and opening up — just a smidge.

Callie is also supercute when she smiles.

1. The best tweets of the evening came from actors Sherri Saum, who plays Lena Adams, and David Lambert, who plays Brandon Foster:

And Lambert is just like us — who doesn't love Iron Man?!

Watch the full episode:

"The Fosters" airs Mondays at 9 PM on ABC Family.

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