5 Questions: Marquise Brown

Josh McCuistion, Editor
Sooner Scoop

As one of the most hotly discussed players of Oklahoma's spring camp junior college transfer Marquise Brown is a player that many are dying to know more about. The speedy receiver sat down before he left from Florida with SoonerScoop.com and gave everyone a chance to know about him, away from the field.

So go along with us as Brown talks over Five Questions with SoonerScoop.com.

SoonerScoop.com: What is something you’re really good at that people wouldn’t expect?

Marquise Brown: I’m good at any video game, Xbox One, Playstation 4, I’d be glad to give out some good whoopings during my time in Norman (laughing). Madden, 2k, Grand Theft Auto, I play a variety of games.

SS.com: Athletes tend to be good at just about everything they try, what is something you just aren’t good at?

MB: Flipping, it’s a big thing down here. Down here in football, if you’re like an explosive guy you can always backflip. I’m the fastest guy but I can’t backflip. That’s something I’ve got to learn to do.

SS.com: Everyone has their pregame rituals, but what do you do to get ready for a game?

MB: I usually stay to myself, I pray and then I just get ready to go. I don’t do too much.

SS.com: If you could have a date with any girl in the world, which girl would you be taking out?

MB: That is such a tough question but I don’t really know though, there are a lot of beautiful girls out there.

SS.com: So, you're just hanging around the house and feel like watching a movie - what movie are you going to end up watching?

MB: I’d have to go with Friday or Friday After Next. I just grew up watching it, if I see it on, I end up watching it.

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