5 funny Singapore-style Halloween costumes

Forget about the typical ghoulish zombie look or the vampire costume. Stand out from the crowd and get creative with your Halloween outfits by taking tongue-in-cheek cues from the local headlines and trending memes.



Forget about Sarong Party Girl Barbarella’s barbie pink outfits. This year, Lulu takes centrestage with a spin-off film of her own and the Chinese KTV hostess character’s colourful outfits from Lulu The Movie are easy to copy. Find a glittery headband, a permed wig, leopard-print and sequin-covered outfits, similar to those worn by actress-director Michelle Chong as Lulu; the sparklier, the better.

Image: Lulu The Movie Official/ Facebook


Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (PPAP)

If you’re out to be the centre of attention at the next Halloween bash, why not dress like Japanese comedian DJ Kosaka Daimaou’s Piko Taro? Mimicking Taro-san’s dance moves and his distinctive costume are a must. All you need to do is to find a set of similar animal-print shirt and pants, paired with those retrolicious tinted sunglasses, the fake moustache and stark white loafers; all of which you should be able to find online or raid your glam uncle’s wardrobe.


Sun Ho

Sometimes all that you need is the transformative power of makeup, specially for this festive occasion. Back in August, local blogger Xiaxue made a Sun Ho makeup video tutorial based on the latter’s ‘Mr Bill’ music video. Follow her steps to contour, highlight and exaggerate your features to Halloween-esque perfection.

Image: Clicknetwork/ YouTube



Tired of being ignored by friends who are still obsessed with Pokemon Go? Dress up as a Pokestop to well, poke fun of their ongoing craze. Put on a blue skin suit or paint your limbs blue, then match this look with a cardboard standee of the floating Pokeball icon. The more dedicated costume-wearers might want to add that ring of sakura petals to mimic the sight of the ‘lure’ module to draw Pokemon human characters to you.

Image: @hilarious_bro/ Twitter


Sexy cardboard box

In land-scarce Singapore, we’re often reminded to make the fullest use of the limited resources when it comes to our living spaces. Why not allude to that now infamous comment on sex and small spaces and blend it with your Halloween get-up? Find a tall cardboard box that both you and your partner can fit into, then stagger your way sideways to the hottest parties in town or find a quiet spot of your choice to act on your primal urges.