33Across Launches New Programmatic Video and Display Ad Units


33Across, a global publisher monetization platform, today launched Desktop In-Feed Video and Desktop In-Feed Impact, two new products designed to drive incremental revenue to publishers without interrupting the user experience. These new products add to the company’s expansive programmatic offerings, providing the industry’s most comprehensive suite of highly viewable ad units that are delivered in a variety of formats across desktops and mobile devices.

Both the new Desktop In-Feed Video and Desktop In-Feed Impact products are non-intrusive, high impact ad units that appear within the content of a website or in a product feed. The ad units respond to a user’s scroll actions and remain visible as long as the creative is at least 50 percent in view. Specific to Desktop In-Feed Video, the units automatically play 15- and 30-second spots within content streams when the creative is at least 50 percent in view and automatically resize to accommodate desktop and mobile devices. When out of the user’s view, the video pauses and resumes play once it’s back in view. These new offerings give users complete control over their experiences, including managing volume and closing the ad.

“To fully monetize our site, we need to respond to the interests of users requiring a non-intrusive experience on desktop and mobile as well as the demands of buyers for mobile first, in-feed products that deliver high viewability,” said Peter Cunha, head of programmatic and business development, Investing Channel. “Working with 33Across, we have the assurance that we’re meeting user and buyer needs while driving incremental revenue across devices.”

“The latest additions to the 33Across suite demonstrates our commitment to high viewability and lucrative programmatic experiences for publishers and buyers,” said Eric Wheeler, CEO, 33Across. “By providing quality ads in a variety of formats that are delivered in the least disruptive, most natural experience for users, publishers have everything they need to fully monetize their sites.”

About 33Across

33Across introduced the first publisher monetization platform to guarantee quality through ads that are 100 percent in-view with a pre-bid fraud filter. Through our advanced technology and insight into how people view, consume and share content across devices, we enable more than one million publishers to increase revenue and traffic. The 33Across traffic building, insights and monetization tools allow publishers to do what they do best —create great content.

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