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It's March Madness and the state of Virginia is well represented - not only with three teams from the Commonwealth making the Big Dance in VCU, Virginia and Virginia Teh, but also with a bevy of products from the state on these teams in the NCAA Tournament.

Here's a tracker that we'll continue to update on their performances...


Kethan Savage (Episcopal in Alexandria & Chantilly HS in Fairfax) - 6Pts. 2-3FG, 2-2FT, 6Reb. 1Ast. in 76-64 opening round win over Winthrop.

5Pts. 0-4FG, 5-6FT, 6Reb. 2Ast. 2Stl. 1Blk. in 74-65 second round win over Middle Tennessee State.


Troy Caupain (Cosby HS in Midlothian) - 23Pts. 7-10FG, 2-4 3's, 7-7FT, 7Reb. 2Ast. in 75-61 opening round win over Kansas State.

9Pts. 3-11FG, 2-3 3's, 1-2FT, 5Reb. 1Ast. 1Stl. in 79-67 second round loss to UCLA.


Javin DeLaurier (St. Anne's-Belfield in Shipman) - 2Pts. 1-1FG, 1Stl. in 87-65 opening round win over Troy.

0Pts. 0-0FG, 1PF in 88-81 second round loss to South Carolina.


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Devin Robinson (Christchurch & Manchester HS in Midlothian) - 24Pts. (tied career-high), 10-17FG, 2-5 3's, 2-2FT, 7Reb. 2Blk. 1Ast. in 80-65 opening round win over East Tennessee State.

14Pts. 5-8FG, 2-4 3's, 2-5FT, 11Reb. in 65-39 second round win over Virginia.

7Pts. 3-6FG, 1-3 3's, 5Reb. 2Blk. in 84-83 OT win over Wisconsin.


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Frank Mason (Petersburg HS) - 22Pts. 8-14FG, 3-7 3's, 3-4FT, 8Ast. 5Reb. in 100-62 opening round win over UC-Davis.

20Pts. 6-16FG, 0-4 3's, 8-8FT, 5Ast. 2Reb. 2Stl. in 90-70 second round win over Michigan State.

26Pts. 9-11FG, 4-5 3's, 4-5FT, 7Reb. 7Ast. 1Stl. in 98-66 Sweet 16 win over Purdue.

21Pts. 8-20FG, 2-8 3's, 3-3FT, 4Reb. 4Ast. 1Stl. in 74-60 Elite 8 loss to Oregon


Sacha Killeya-Jones (Virginia Episcopal in Lynchburg) - did not play in 79-70 opening round win over Northern Kentucky.

did not play in 65-62 second round win over Wichita State.


V.J. King (Paul VI Catholic in Fairfax) - 2Pts. 1-2FG, 1Reb. 1Ast. in 78-63 opening round win over Jacksonville State.

0Pts. 0-3FG, 3Reb. in 73-69 second round loss to Michigan.


Andrew Rowsey (Rockbridge HS in Lexington) - 13Pts. 3-9FG, 2-7 3's, 5-6FT, 3Reb. 2Ast. in 93-73 opening round loss to South Carolina.


Melo Trimble (Bishop O'Connell in Arlington) - 13Pts. 5-15FG, 1-9 3's, 2-4FT, 3Ast. 2Reb. 2Stl. in 76-65 opening round loss to Xavier.


Greg Alexander (Kecoughtan HS in Hampton) -9Pts. 3-5FG, 3-5 3's, 1Reb. in 67-66 win over New Orleans in the First Four.

3Pts. 1-3FG, 0-2 3's, 1-2FT, 3Reb. 1Ast. 1Blk. 1Stl. in 76-56 opening round loss to Villanova.


Rashaun Madison (Norview HS in Norfolk) - 5Pts. 1-6FG, 1-5 3's, 2-3FT, 2Stl. 1Reb. 1Ast. in 67-63 loss to UC-Davis in First Four.


Kenny Williams (L.C. Bird HS in Chesterfield) - unable to participate due to knee injury.


Rodney Bullock (Kecoughtan HS in Hampton) - 17Pts. 6-13FG, 3-6 3's, 2-2FT, 7Reb. 2Ast. 1Stl. in 75-71 loss to USC in First Four.

Maliek White (George Wythe HS in Richmond) - 0Pts. 0-1FG, 4Ast. in 75-71 loss to USC in First Four.


Jordon Talley (Henrico HS in Richmond) - 2Pts. 0-7FG, 0-2 3's, 2-2FT, 5Ast. 2Reb. 1Stl. in 76-71 opening round loss to Virginia.


Mo Alie-Cox (Middleburg Academy) - 2Pts. 1-4FG, 2Reb. 1Stl. in 85-77 opening round loss to Saint Mary's.

Jordan Burgess
(Benedictine in Richmond) - 11Pts. 4-6FG, 3-5FG, 3Reb. in 85-77 opening round loss to Saint Mary's.

Torey Burston
(Trinity Episcopal in Richmond) - did not play in 85-77 opening round loss to Saint Mary's.


Mamadi Diakite (Blue Ridge) - 0Pts. 0-1FG, 0-1 3's, 2Reb. in 76-71 opening round win over UNC Wilmington.

9Pts. 4-8FG, 1-1FT, 6Reb. 1Blk. in 65-39 loss to Florida in the second round.

Devon Hall
(Cape Henry Collegiate in Virginia Beach) - 6Pts. 2-7FG, 0-2 3's, 2-2FT, 7Reb. 3Ast. 1Stl. in 76-71 opening round win over UNC Wilmington

0Pts. 0-3FG, 1Reb. 1Ast. in 65-39 second round loss to Florida.


Seth Allen (Fredericksburg Christian) - 10Pts. 3-10FG, 1-5 3's, 3-4FT, 6Ast. 2Reb. 2Stl. in 84-74 opening round loss to Wisconsin.

Chris Clarke
(Cape Henry Collegiate in Virginia Beach) - did not play due to injury in opening round loss to Wisconsin.


Rashard Kelly (Bishop O'Connell in Arlington & Massanutten Military Academy) - 8Pts. 3-5FG, 1-2 3's, 1-3FT, 11Reb. 3Blk. 1Ast. in 64-58 opening round win over Dayton.

4Pts. 2-7FG, 6Reb. 2Ast. in 65-62 second round loss to Kentucky.

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