2017 Miami Dolphins Draft Prospects: Linebacker Matt Milano

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Continuing our new daily series, we continue to take a look at players the Miami Dolphins may consider selecting at some point during the 2017 NFL Draft. While these players may not all be first round quality, this series will look at players across all the rounds that the Miami Dolphins could select during the draft process.

Moving on from the potential first round selection of defensive end Taco Charlton, today, we take a look at a player who could be a day three selection for the Dolphins. Potentially looking to add depth to their linebacking corps, Miami could be tempted to select Boston College linebacker Matt Milano.


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One of the best developers of NFL linebackers in recent years, Boston College has begun to make a name for itself thanks to the success of players like Luke Kuechly and Mark Herzlich. Despite being undersized for the position, Matt Milano could quite possibly be the next in this growing line of former Eagles NFL quality linebackers.

Playing in games since his first season with the team, Milano has been a starter at Boston College over both his junior and senior campaigns. Given his size, Milano is likely to slot into an outside linebacker position in the NFL. Given the Dolphins need for depth and talent, Milano could be a good development choice for the team going forward.


Despite being undersized on almost all fronts, Matt Milano is someone that plays much bigger than he actually is. Well defined for his size and is also very muscular despite his smaller frame. A heat seeker who always looks to make contact and take down the ball carrier. Has extremely good form in his tackles with how he takes down the ball carrier.

Will find a way to get to the quarterback when he blitzes. Extremely reactive in reading play action passes and screen plays. Is solid in coverage. Continues to accelerate when running through contact and also possesses the speed and toughness to play multiple positions in the linebacking corps.


Will need to add some more weight to his frame if he wants to compete at a high level in the NFL. Can be outmuscled by bigger blockers and will also struggle in using his hands to break away from potential blockers. Needs to learn block shedding mechanics in order to be a solid linebacker at the next level.

Has a bad habit of ducking his head when he makes some bone-crunching tackles. Would like to see him keep his head up to make sure he does not suffer injury and to make sure he is still on target for the hit. Only average when it comes to changing direction. Needs to improve his vision so that he takes the path of least resistance.

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