2015 Ford Mustang Might Ditch Shelby Nameplate

Jeff Perez

We’ve already heard plenty of news/rumors regarding the upcoming 2015 Ford Mustang. A four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, a brand-new Evos-inspired body style, and of course, plenty of negative feedback from disgruntled “aficionados.”

But what should really make the 2015 ‘Stang step away from previous generations, could be the axing of the loved Shelby nameplate found in the high-powered SVT-spec, in place of “a name you’re familiar with.” And the buck doesn’t stop here; Road and Track reports it will also likely ditch the supercharger in place of something a little more naturally aspirated yet equally as powerful (if not more). How’s that for change?

Shelby GT500 2
Shelby GT500 2

Granted, the Mustang will still remain a high-powered muscle car for the time being. The 5.0L V8 will continue on into 2015 with somewhere in the market of 450-hp, the aforementioned 4-cylinder EcoBoost should sit mid-range with a hefty 350-hp and the same 3.7L V6 will power the base model. All this leading up to the now Shelby-less top-end Mustang.

As for now, the Mustang is still amidst testing, but we expect the new pony car to ditch the camo just in time for the LA Auto Show this November (if not later).

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