2014 Outlook: Julius Randle

Peter Madden, Fantasy Managing Editor
CBS Sports

With Pau Gasol out of the picture, the Lakers looked poised to rely heavily on first-round pick Julius Randle down low. But then they threw a good chunk of change at Jordan Hill and picked up Carlos Boozer off waivers. Now Randle's outlook looks far less secure. Based on his one-year in college, he seems ready to accept that challenge, but he may have to outperform the veterans to secure a spot in the starting lineup. New coach Byron Scott said in June that Randle is ready to start, but that was before the Lakers added Boozer. Still, if Jared Sullinger was able to log 13 points and eight rebounds in his first year getting big minutes, then surely the more athletic Randle can achieve or improve on those numbers. The NBA readiness he displayed at Kentucky combined with the Lakers' lack of talent should garner him a mid-round pick in drafts this year and a second- or third-round choice in dynasty leagues.

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