12-team NBA Draft Breakdown

Steve Alexander
Russell Westbrook went crazy but the Rockets won, the Wizards got the Hawks again and the Warriors cruised without Kevin Durant on Wednesday

Here are the partial results of a 12-team, head-to-head points league draft that is happening as I write this.  I have been in this league for 10 years and write about it every season.  Matthew Berry, John Hollinger and Eric Karabell are some of the alumni and there are several experts still in the league.  The scoring system is both complex and awesome.

Three Pointers Made .08 points

Assists .17 points

Blocks .25 points

Field Goals Made .25 points

Field Goals Attempted -.08 points

Free Throws Made .25 points

Free Throws Attempted -.17 points

Points .08 points

Steals .17 points

Turnovers -.17 points

Total Rebounds .10 points

When the week is finished the score looks pretty similar to that of an actual NBA game.  This draft moves at a snail’s pace, usually completing just a round or two per day, which is why I’m not sharing the whole draft.  It’s also important to note that you start four guards, four forwards, two centers and two flex, and given the scoring format, you can actually field a great team without owning a single point guard.  When adding the depth of the league to the fact you have to start two centers, getting your big men early is the way to go. And since free throw percentage and turnovers don’t hurt you like they do in a league that counts a category as a win, Dwight Howard and the other bad free throw shooters go earlier than they will in other leagues. Let’s get to it. 

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Round 1

1. Kevin Durant- Chris Towers, CBSSports.com

2. LeBron James – David Klyce, HoopsKLYCE.com

3. Stephen Curry – Tim Trout, Panini America

4. James Harden – Dave Gawron, eXpertLeagues.com

5. Chris Paul – Matt Buser – Basketballmonster.com

6. Kevin Love –Brian Flood, SI.com

7. Derrick Rose – Tom Carpenter, ESPN.com

8. Kyrie Irving –Hector Castro, Empire Sports Marketing

9. Dwight Howard – Steve Alexander, Rotoworld.com

10. Carmelo Anthony – Andrew Feingold, Rotoexperts.com

11. Al Horford – Keith Wayland, KFBA.com

12. LaMarcus Aldridge – Dan Dobish, Rotoexperts.com

I’m not a huge fan of drafting Dwight Howard in most leagues, but I like him in this format. Blocks pay .25 a pop and if he returns to form in Houston, he should be a beast.  Stephen Curry in front of James Harden is interesting, but I think Harden should go No. 3 in all drafts. Derrick Rose at seven is a bit of a gamble, but it could pay off for Carpenter.

Round 2

13. Marc Gasol

14. Anthony Davis

15. John Wall

16. Paul George

17. Al Jefferson

18. Damian Lillard

19. Deron Williams

20. Pau Gasol

21. Blake Griffin

22. DeMarcus Cousins

23. Russell Westbrook

24. Mike Conley

Anthony Davis’ stock blew up with his dominant preseason performance and he’s going to go late first or early second round in most drafts. Prepare to pay. I’m still not sure how George fell to me at 16, but I was thrilled to see it happen, and almost took him at nine.  Klyce’s reach for Westbrook is interesting, and while he’ll potentially dominate for him in the playoffs, it’s going to be a long couple months of waiting around.  I really think this is the year Cousins puts it all together and I see some triple-doubles in his future.

Round 3

25. Josh Smith

26. David Lee

27. Monta Ellis

28. Brandon Jennings

29. Tony Parker

30. Kobe Bryant

31. Dwyane Wade

32. Nicolas Batum

33. Paul Millsap

34. Serge Ibaka

35. Tim Duncan

36. Kemba Walker

I was watching Dwyane Wade and Nicolas Batum slipping to me and was all set to pull the trigger on either of them.  And, of course, Carpenter and Hector ruined those plans, which led to some patented Dr. A whining in the chat room.  I almost took another center here, but decided to wait and went with Paul Millsap, who I’m hoping is dominant in Atlanta now that he has no competition for his job.  Serge Ibaka will go much higher than this in category scoring leagues, but in points leagues, his lack of scoring makes it tough to take him too high.  Plenty of risky business here, like Kobe’s Achilles, Wade’s body and Jennings’ mouth.  

Round 4

37. Roy Hibbert

38. Dirk Nowitzki

39. Ty Lawson

40. Brook Lopez

41. Larry Sanders

42. Nikola Vucevic

43. Rudy Gay

44. Goran Dragic

45. Jrue Holiday

46. Carlos Boozer

47. Greg Monroe

48. Jeff Teague

I was really torn between Lopez and Larry Sanders, but went with Lopez simply because he’ll score more. I was pretty bummed when Dirk was taken just before my pick, but I will live. Carlos Boozer was a pretty surprising pick this early and I remember being shocked that Kawhi Leonard still hadn’t been drafted.

Round 5

49. Chris Bosh

50. O.J. Mayo

51. Kenneth Faried

52. Jonas Valanciunas

53. Thaddeus Young

54. Eric Bledsoe

55. Andre Drummond

56. Klay Thompson

57. Derrick Favors

58. Joakim Noah

59. Kawhi Leonard

60. Evan Turner

I had O.J. Mayo, Eric Bledsoe, Andre Drummond, Kawhi Leonard and Derrick Favors all queued up and really didn’t know what to do.  I would have been happy with any of them and I thought Favors would qualify at center in CBS leagues, but he doesn’t.  In any case, as hard as it was to pass on Leonard this late, I went with Favors, who I considered taking a round earlier.  This was a pretty strong round, although Joakim Noah’s groin injury is now a huge concern, and I don’t know that Evan Turner belongs with the rest of these guys, but someone has to get it done for the Sixers, right?

Speaking of CBS, their default settings allow players to only qualify at one position, which can be extremely limiting. Be sure to change the setting to multiple positions before your draft. 

Round 6

61. Jeff Green

62. Ricky Rubio

63. Andre Iguodala

64. Bradley Beal

65. Ersan Ilyasova

66. Chandler Parsons

67. Gordon Hayward

68. JaVale McGee

69. Nikola Pekovic

70. Paul Pierce

71. Spencer Hawes

72. DeMar DeRozan

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to decide between Jeff Green and Bradley Beal, and Dobish solved that problem for me by taking Green. Despite Green’s lackluster preseason, I still think he’s going to be a monster in Boston.  I was really scared one of the guys in front of me was going to get Beal, but he fell into my lap.  And that was crucial since I only had Paul George at guard through five rounds.  I like the JaVale McGee pick here and Spencer Hawes should be a quality two-center player.

Round 7

73. Tyson Chandler

74. David West

75. Luol Deng

76. Enes Kanter

77. Tyreke Evans

78. Victor Oladipo

79. Tobias Harris

80. Michael Carter-Williams

81. DeAndre Jordan

82. Zach Randolph

83. Eric Gordon

84. Kyle Lowry

Things get a little dicey starting in Round 7, although the youth, upside and excitement that guys like Enes Kanter, Victor Oladipo and Tobias Harris bring helps offset the age, apathy and injury scares that Tyson Chandler, Luol Deng, Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon and Kyle Lowry provide.  I took a flyer on DeAndre Jordan, who has been hot this preseason, simply because the good centers will be gone after the next round.  In hindsight, I probably should have taken Marcin Gortat. 

Round 8

85. George Hill

86. Kevin Garnett

87. Amir Johnson

88. Wilson Chandler

89. J.R. Smith

90. Jimmy Butler

91. Brandon Knight

92. Marcin Gortat

93. Ryan Anderson

94, Rajon Rondo

95. Dion Waiters

96. Jose Calderon

We’re going 17 rounds deep in this thing, so we’re basically about halfway through.  And given the two-hour time clock, we have a long way to go.  I got Wilson Chandler here, which I was happy with, but I think Jimmy Butler (and his guard status) would have been a better pick.  Then again, WilChan should go off with Danilo Gallinari injured.  Rajon Rondo could boom or bust for the playoffs, while Marcin Gortat looks like a real steal this late.

That’s all I’ve got for now, so I’m going to go back to the three slow drafts I’m watching right now.  Our 30-team league draft will start rolling on Monday and I’m looking forward to the eventual 10-minute clock we use in that one.  Have a great weekend!