The 11-Year-Old Girl Who Beat Steph Curry Is Absolutely Dominating Her High School Competition

You may have heard of Jaden Newman, the 11-year-old who wants to someday become the first woman to ever play in the NBA. She once beat Steph Curry in a three-point shooting contest for Foot Locker, and she appeared on the now-cancelled Fox Sports 1 show Crowd Goes Wild to show off her skills. She has been playing on her school’s varsity team in Orlando since the fourth grade, and now — two years later — she is still absolutely dominating on the court.

Newman got some love on Monday night’s episode of SportsCenter when they devoted a highlight clip to her knocking down six threes in a varsity game and crossing up several of her opponents.

Newman has already amassed more than 1,000 points in her varsity career, and this would be a good time to remind you that she is only 11 years old. Back in December, Newman scored a whopping 59 points to go along with 16 three-pointers for Downey Academy, and that was just a month after she dropped 57 in another victory. What were you up to at 11 years old?

With the NBA’s All-Star Weekend on the horizon, I think a rematch with Curry in this year’s three-point contest would be more than appropriate. Make it happen, NBA.