'Vampire Diaries' Shipper-cap: And Katherine's Mystery Man Is…

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"American Gothic" -- Daniel Gillies as Elijah

"The Vampire Diaries" -- "American Gothic"

"American Gothic" -- Daniel Gillies as Elijah

There's something about Katherine.

Who hasn't she made fall in love with her by this point? Damon, Stefan, Elijah … is it the bad-girl thing? Her biting wit? The hair?

Whatever it is, Katherine is up to her usual antics, except maybe … just maybe … she's changing. Maybe this time, she really is in love.

Let's check in on our various couples, duos, and alliances this week:

Elena and Rebekah

The not-BFFs find Katherine hiding out in a sleepy little town, where she's compelled everyone to forget who she is when they aren't talking directly to her. Of course, since Elena is her doppelganger, that rule doesn't apply, and they pick up her trail.

After finding her, they corner her in a diner and Rebekah uses her Original strength to make Katherine talk. She took the cure to make a deal with Klaus, who's been hunting her for centuries. When they scope out her phone, they see Katherine's got an appointment with "M" later. Hmm, who is this mystery man? Elena takes her doppelganger's jewelry, jacket, and shoes to go undercover and find out.

Elena and Elijah

OK, it's Elijah. The handsome, honorable Original is back! He kisses her (whaa?), but soon realizes that it's Elena, not Katherine. Just like Elena, we're baffled: Why is he with that conniving b----? Clearly, she's only using him to make this deal with Klaus. But it seems Elijah's love for her hasn't worn off after all these years. And he thinks Katherine is changed.

Elena informs him that his GF killed Jeremy, which shocks Elijah. "I hate to say I told you so, but duh," she adds. But before they can continue the conversation, Katherine comes up and breaks Elena's neck.

Damon and Stefan

After the Salvatores catch up to the girls, they split up -- Stefan goes to find Elena, while Damon goes with Rebekah and Katherine to find the cure. But at Katherine's house, she plays a trick and Damon ends up vervain-ed. He watches in horror as Rebekah ends up with the cure … and takes it!

Fortunately, it turns out to be yet another of Katherine's tricks; Rebekah is still a vampire. When Stefan finds them, he's super pissed that Damon let her do that. Damon admits he screwed up, but that's his thing. "It's like you and me falling for the same girl. It's our thing," he jokes. But Stefan declares he's done repeating history. Once Elena takes the cure, he's moving on.

Elijah and Katherine

Elijah confronts Katherine about killing Jeremy, but she shrugs it off. He's incredulous: How can she put Elena through what Katherine herself suffered centuries ago? Elijah wonders if he's just a means of survival to her. How can he trust her now?

Later, Katherine retrieves the real cure and hands it over to him. She says that she's been lying so long, she doesn't remember who she was when they first met. While shoving the cure down Klaus's throat would solve her problems, it'd also mean losing Elijah -- and she doesn't want that. "I need you to trust me. I want you to trust me. Just like I'm trusting you," Katherine says, then walks away.

Caroline and Klaus

Back at Mystic Falls, Klaus is suffering from a shard of the white oak stake still buried in his back -- his arm can't quite reach it -- when Caroline shows up. She's about to help him … but it's not Caroline! It's Silas, taunting Klaus and reminding him to find the cure.

The real Caroline shows up, miffed because she needs to plan for prom and doesn't have time to flirt with him. Klaus begs her to help him, but she wants him to let Tyler come back. When he refuses, she yells, "Do something decent for once!" When she turns to leave, he cries, "Don't turn your back on me!" Their argument suddenly wakes Klaus up. He's no longer in pain; the splinter wasn't real -- it was all Silas's doing.

Klaus thanks Caroline for taking his mind off of it. She again presses him to let Tyler return, and he notes that he's not exactly "scouring the Earth" for him. For Klaus, that's like a declaration of love.

Elena, Damon, and Stefan

With Elijah and Rebekah on their way to Mystic Falls with the cure, Elena takes the Salvatore brothers aside for a chat at the diner. She doesn't want the cure and never will. Stefan argues that she helped him at his darkest hour, so he owes her the same. Both guys say they will continue to try to get the cure for her.

Suddenly, Elena breaks their waitress's neck. She's going to keep killing and leaving bodies in her wake until they quit.

As she leaves, Damon and Stefan stare in horror at each other. The new Elena is definitely not an improved one. Now what?

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