'True Blood' Premiere Recap: Billith Fair

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After becoming a devout follower of the Sanguinista Movement, drinking Lilith's sacred and powerful blood, and engineering the attacks on Tru Blood factories to force mainstreaming vampires to feed on humans, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) developed quite the God complex, and even Sookie and Eric are running scared.

"True Blood" -- "Who Are You, Really?"

After becoming a devout follower of the Sanguinista Movement, drinking Lilith's sacred and powerful blood, and engineering the attacks on Tru Blood factories to force mainstreaming vampires to feed on humans, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) developed quite the God complex, and even Sookie and Eric are running scared.

The episode "Who Are You, Really?" in a nutshell:

What happened:

  • Sookie and Eric confront "Billith."

  • The governor declares strict antivampire measures.

  • Jason searches for Warlow.

Body count: 1 VIP; many others

Nudity count: 3

New people and places:

  • Governor Burrell

  • Tru Blood executive Ms. Suzuki

  • Werewolf Danielle

  • Warlow

Best line: "Unless he's flying over our heads like a naked evil Superman." — Jason about Billith

What's the deal with … Andy's quadruplets? Do fairies grow up really fast?


Whew! Watching the season premiere of "True Blood" feels like going to a rave. The action is frenetic — so much is going on, and it's hard to take it all in.

As usual, danger is "True Blood's" middle name. There isn't one big bad this year, but several. First there's Billith. Last season ended with the shocking death and resurrection of Bill Compton. But as Sookie demands to know, what is he? Or she? Is it a vampire god?

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Then we have Warlow, the vampire who killed Sookie's parents and was deeded the family's first fairy girl (Sookie). And now he's back in town to collect!

And finally, Governor Burrell is not so much a life-threatening danger, but his political machinations are going to put a serious crimp in our favorite vampires' style.

So, there is a lot going on — maybe too much. The premiere cuts between characters and stories so fast, you'll feel a bit of whiplash. Get ready to hold on tight!

Sookie, Bill, Eric

The season opens with the horrifying image of Bill rising up from that pool of blood, and Eric and Sookie running for their lives.

The Vampire Authority compound is burning down, so they find their other friends — Jason, Jessica, Pam, Tara, and Nora — and speed away. Jess asks about Bill, and Sookie shakes her head. But when they turn around for a final look, they see his bloody body emerging from the compound flames. Then Bill levitates and flies away!

The motley crew starts sniping at each other (Pam and Nora, in particular), when Eric turns up the radio. After all the violence stemming from the Tru Blood shortage, the governor of Louisiana has declared new measures against vampires, including a sundown curfew and a ban on vamp-owned businesses.

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The car screeches to a halt. Eric wants to talk to Nora alone which infuriates Pam, since she didn't even know he had a sister in the first place. She stomps off, then Jessica stomps off because Eric wants to kill Bill. Then Jason stomps off when Nora glamours him to learn what he knows about Warlow. Turns out Warlow is one of Lilith's progeny, making him one of the first vampires!

Suddenly, Jessica starts coughing up blood and having spasms — she's being summoned by Bill. Accompanied by Sookie, they return to Bill's mansion and find that he … looks totally normal. Like the old Bill.

Eric and Nora come flying in to attack him, and Bill fights back until Sookie stakes him! But no biggie — Billith just pulls out the stake and continues the conversation. He promises not to harm them if they won't try to harm him. Jessica stands up for her maker, and all parties reach a tenuous peace agreement. Everybody goes home.

Sam and Luna

Luna's last act of skinwalking as Steve Newlin in order to infiltrate the Authority and rescue daughter Emma is just that — her last! She's dying, and makes Sam promise to keep Emma safe. Then Luna takes her last breath. Nooo!

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Sam takes Emma to Merlotte's, where he finds Lafayette with a shotgun. Emma is safe for now, but what will Sam do with the little werewolf tomorrow?


The new packmaster is enjoying the high life — feasting on the old packmaster (ew), running through the forest, hooking up with a hottie she-wolf named Danielle. But as he soon finds out, being packmaster comes with its fair share of drama. Rikki turns up and lays her claim on him. "I'm your No. 1 bitch," she snarls. "Don't you ever forget it."

Andy, Arlene, and Terry

One baby is enough to keep a new parent awake all night — but four? Andy can't even deal, so he's hiding while Arlene and Terry take care of his little fairies. He's scared and doesn't have a clue how to be a dad, so Arlene gives him a pep talk.

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Andy sort of masters diaper changing, but it soon doesn't matter. Because when he wakes up from a nap, the babies have grown into toddlers! Terrible twos times four? Yikes!

Governor Burrell

This shady politician meets with a Tru Blood executive named Ms. Suzuki. Seems that the state seized a bottling factory awhile back, and he offers it to her for free. He says it's because fixing the Tru Blood shortage will be better for society — and bring much-needed cash to the state (and his campaign coffers). But somehow we have a feeling he's got something else up his sleeve.

Pam and Tara

Having been ordered by Eric to do so, Pam and Tara return to Fangtasia. Once again, Tara tries to comfort her maker, but Pam doesn't want her sympathy or love. "This isn't some epic f---ing love story," Pam snarks. "You can't replace him and you never will."

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A SWAT team breaks down the door, ordering Pam to shut Fangtasia down. She tries to sweet-talk them, but then Tara gets all protective, and they shoot her.

Eric and Sookie

After leaving Bill's mansion, Eric walks Sookie home. She sadly reflects on how much she's changed since they first met, when she was just an innocent girl in a white dress.

Once inside her house, Eric signs over ownership of it (in blood) back to Sookie. It's the least he can do. She rescinds his invitation inside, and they whisper tender farewells through the door. Sob!

Bill and Jessica

Maybe Bill isn't so scary after all. He has a sweet bedtime chat with Jessica, and admits he doesn't have any answers about what he is or why it happened. But he's definitely something different — he levitates her glass when she almost drops it.

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After tucking her in, Bill goes downstairs, where he hears an eerie woman's voice calling his name. He goes into his office and sees Lilith! And another Lilith. And another! All three rush into his body. Bill gasps.


After leaving the others, the hotheaded deputy hitchhikes a ride back to Bon Temps. An old man picks him up, and Jason starts spouting his life story to the guy. He confesses to seeing his dead parents, and vows to find their killer, Warlow.

Well, wouldn't you know — Jason's already found Warlow! It's the old man who picked him up. Warlow disappears from the driver's seat, and the car hurtles toward a crash.

Meanwhile, at Sookie's house, the old fairy contract starts to glow.

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"True Blood" airs Sundays at 9 PM on HBO.

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