'The Talk' Hits NYC: Grilling the Hosts on Random Body Part Sightings, Street Meat, and Amanda Bynes

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New York City is a whole lot livelier this week with "The Talk" co-hosts in town for a week's worth of on-location shows ― and Yahoo! TV was invited to the set to witness it all first-hand.

The Los Angeles-based show is shooting in Manhattan's CBS Broadcast Center on the set previously used by "Anderson Live, " and the future home of Bethenny Frankel’s upcoming "Bethenny." It seems the co-hosts ― Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Aisha Tyler, and Sheryl Underwood – also upped their already high level of energy for the road trip, slinging jokes, finishing each other's sentences, and chatting a mile a minute both on-screen and off when we sit down with them after the show.

Seeing that they are in the Big Apple, we decided we'd keep the conversation local ― though it did manage to veer off to topics ranging from Underwood's ongoing quest to meet a man to the movie star whose nose reminds Osbourne of a, um, male body part…

You seemed to have brought some extra New York City attitude with you for this trip. You were extra funny on today's show, especially Sharon when she was making faces at Sara for defending Kanye West's freak-out with the paparazzi.
Sara: Oh, Sharon's always like that ― it has nothing to do with being in New York.
Sharon: Repeat the line I said to you during the show.
Sara: She said (assuming a British accent): "Oh, Sara ― why do you always have to see the good in everybody?!"
Sharon: Realllly (laughs).
Sara: Greatest quote ever.

In the promos for the show, you’re all hamming it up in a taxi. Let me ask about another mode of popular NYC transportation: the subway. When is the last time any of you ladies used one to get around?
Sheryl: Oh, I can't take the subway anymore because I kept walking up to people asking for their phone numbers and whether they are married. I was getting into trouble. So I can't take the subway anymore.
Sara: For me, the thing about the subway is I always just miss it. Every time I try to take it, it will have just left.
Aisha: I have taken the subway in past trips ― it's the easiest way to get around. But I'm obsessed with Uber – the app that arranges car service for you – so I've been Ubering all over Manhattan this week.
Sharon: What is the subway? Is it … a sandwich?
Aisha: Yes, it's a sandwich that you ride (laughs).

Have any of you ever experienced the dreaded heel-in-a subway grate wardrobe malfunction?
Aisha: Oh the heel! Yes ― hundreds of times. It's terrible. Also, I'm not Carrie Bradshaw, so I really don't walk around Manhattan in heels because when you go a block, you say to yourself: Who do I think I am? I need a rickshaw now!

When you get in a cab, how do you handle Taxi TV ― watch it, mute it, or turn it off?
Aisha: Ugh ― I don't touch that thing.
Julie: I watch it.!
Sharon: I loooove it!
Aisha: I don't touch those screens because who knows what was pressed against it at 2:30 in morning the night before?!
Sheryl: I'm too busy having a hot dog, talking to the driver...
Sara: Asking if he's married!
Sheryl: Yes, trying to get a phone number.
Julie: That's your opening question when you get in the cab!

Have you ever tried street meat?
Julie: Street meat? That could mean a lot of things! (laughs)
Yahoo: Sidewalk food carts!
Julie: Oh, street meat — m-e-a-t. Well, Dirty Dogs hot dogs, yeah.
Aisha: I like Crif Dogs, though that's not quite street meat [because they have a truck]. But I actually did have a Crif Dog on Saturday night.
Sara: Everybody knows I don't eat any kind of meat.
Sheryl: Street meat or otherwise.
Sara: I'm way too paranoid [and] particular.
Sheryl: But if they ever do street steamed vegetables, she's in!

Sticking with food ― how about another NYC staple: the bagel. Describe your perfect bagel.
Aisha: I am like a hippie with bagels. I like it toasted with avocado.
Julie: You scoop it out, you toast it really crispy, and then where you scooped it, you put cream cheese.
Sharon: And tomato and lots of pepper! I like mine scooped too.
Sara: I don't eat a lot of bagels but if I had one it would be whole wheat ― and as not fun as possible.
Sharon: She has dust on the top! (laughs)
Sheryl: Everything! I would have a bagel sandwich with everything. Also, sometimes I toast a bagel and put some butter, cinnamon, and sugar on it. Mmm.
Julie: I wasn't finished yet! Sometimes I like mine with a very thinly sliced tomato.

Besides yourselves and the many guests on your show this week, have you had any big NYC celebrity sightings of locals like Amanda Bynes, Suri Cruise, or Donald Trump?
Sheryl: We are the celebrity sightings!
Sharon: Yes, I did! I saw Leonardo DiCaprio yesterday.
Aisha: Ohhhhhh!
Sheryl: What?
Julie: Fabulous!
Sharon: It was yesterday [Mother's Day] and he was with his gorgeous mother, who is fabulous. I saw that Christopher Walken. Oh, and I saw that man that has a nose like a penis.
Sheryl: Who is that?
Julie: I was like: Karl Malden's dead.
Sharon: Wilson! Owen Wilson (laughs). Yes, I did yesterday.
Aisha: Last time I was here I tweeted that Salman Rushdie was sitting in [eatery] Balthazar like six seats away from me. Like, "Oh, I'm at brunch and Salman Rushdie is here." Then he tweeted me back like three minutes later (laughs).
Sara: A celebrity could be sharing a taxi with me and I would never know it.

Do you change up your style when you come to New York ― or is it pretty much the same as when back in L.A.?
Julie: Definitely! It's weird because I was born and raised here [in Queens] and there are things that I wear in L.A. that I would never be caught dead in in New York ―and things I wear in New York that I don't think would fit in in L.A. Like, I wear Juicy Couture in L.A. to run my errands, but I would never walk down the street in it here. I'd feel like a mugging target. "She's not from here! Get her!"

O.K., one last question: Where is your favorite place to shop?
Sheryl: Chinatown!
Sharon: Bergdorf Goodman!
Sara: I like to just walk around SoHo and look around.
Sharon (to Sara): Oh, you're so boho.
Julie: I like to have lunch at Freds at Barneys and then go pick up a candle.
Sharon: They have the best French fries in the world there.
Aisha: I like the Barneys here because it's different than the one in L.A. But I have my little shops that I visit every time too. There's an amazing perfume place in SoHo called MiN that has like things from Paris and you can't get them anywhere. That's my favorite pace to go. They have a little tea bar and you can have tea, then get perfumes.
Sheryl: My only advice about shopping in New York City? Don't go anywhere a guy goes, "Psst, come here!" Don't do that.

"The Talk" airs Monday through Friday at 2 PM ET, 1 PM PT/CT on CBS.

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