'The Little Couple' Prep for China With Matching Sneakers [Exclusive Video]

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On this week's "The Little Couple," new parents Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold are packing for their big trip to Beijing to unite with their adopted son, William. In this exclusive sneak peek at "Countdown to China," the happy couple are pulling out all the adorable stops as they prep for their highly anticipated journey.

What essentials are Bill and Jen taking to Asia? Superhero undies for Will and matching sneakers for the whole family. "Did you get me matching underwear so we can, like, hang out on the couch together?" Bill asks. "In your underwear? No, I did not get you matching underwear. I don't think I can find superheroes in your size," says Jen. But fear not, Bill; she's got just the thing: matching sneakers for all.

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"Aren't they so cute? We'll all match! Isn't that cool? And they're nice and bright and fun," Jen says as she pulls out three pairs of blue sneakers with neon orange laces. "Good new is, if we happen to be walking down the streets of Beijing at night, we probably won't get hit," says a skeptical Bill, laughing. Jen suggests he go ahead and pack them, but he's not so sure. "No, no, no. I'm going to deliberate that for a little bit longer."

To find out if the matching sneaks make it to China (along with Bill and Jen), tune in to "The Little Couple" on Tuesday, 5/14 at 10 PM on TLC.

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