'Teen Wolf' Sophomore-Season Superlatives

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The cast of "Teen Wolf" Season 2.

"Teen Wolf" Season 2

The cast of "Teen Wolf" Season 2.

The "Teen Wolf" Season 2 DVD is available now, and Yahoo! TV skulked around the set of the hit MTV drama to get the scoop on the hottest, grossest, funniest moments of the second season from the "Wolf" pack: Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, and Holland Roden.

Bittersweetest Goodbye

Everybody misses Colton Haynes, who was Jason the jerk to Tyler Posey's sweet, somewhat insecure Scott McCall for the first two seasons until the drastic, violent finale. His real-life best friend, Holland Roden, who plays Lydia, says Haynes will "be in my life forever." Crystal Reed, who intimidates fans as intense huntress Allison, bemoans the business: "I hear Colton is doing incredibly well, and that makes me so happy. From an actor's standpoint, some things are just business. It's bittersweet." Finally, Tyler Hoechlin, aka the original lone alpha, Derek, says it's a lonelier place without Haynes. Sigh. OK, time for a laugh.

Best Kissing Kanima

Season 2 marked the introduction of the shape-shifting kanima, and as you might imagine, it is not easy to make out with one of those guys. Reed shares: "He couldn't take off his costume, so he had a pee hole and there was a tube. We were full-on making out. It was the grossest thing. That's not on the gag reel. And nothing fazes me now."

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Best Growth Spurt

Hoechlin is excited to see his character grow a funny bone. "My favorite scene was where Derek tries to tell Erica [Gage Golightly] he could solve her problems with wolf powers," he says. "That, to me, was the first time we played that side of Derek, a playful side with a hint of sarcasm, in a semiflirtatious kind of way."

Coldest, Hottest Scene

Reed has a special place in her heart for the scene that Allison and Scott (Posey) shared at the ice rink in the photo booth. "It was really simple, and I think it's, like, a minute long," she says. "But [it was] one of the most honest exchanges Tyler and I had as actors."

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Most Terrifying Toilet

On this prank-happy set, it's hard to pick the best. But Roden makes the call: "We had a realistic dead-body female. So we put her on Posey's toilet." Yikes.

Class Klutz (According to Posey)

"Dylan O'Brien (Stiles) has hurt himself in, like, every single take," laughs Posey. "For all the physical stuff we do, he gets hurt in the funniest ways. He could just be walking and they say cut and his arm will be bleeding. He needs to start doing something different because he literally has scratch marks and scars all over. He commits. He commits hard."

Best Bromance

Posey concedes that he's teasing O'Brien only because he misses him. "We have been away from each other before," he pines, all drama. "But he's gone and I miss him a lot. We can handle this. I think I'm probably gonna go visit him."

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Most Needed Massage

Hoechlin recalls the finale fight: "I did 100% of my stunts. You don't get tired, because you're constantly involved. At the end of it, I got a flight home and a massage."

High Honors in Tear-Jerking

This year, Allison lost her mother, which meant that Reed had to dig deep. "I don't like to rely on my own memories for acting, but it was kind of inevitable that I went there," she says. "I was in a daze for a couple days after."

Longest Day

Remember when Derek locked up the wolves and hid out in that abandoned railway car? Well, so does Hoechlin. "That was the hardest day," he says. "It was claustrophobic at times, and we were underground shooting. That was one of the longest days."

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Best Knuckle-Texting

One of the greatest hardships of playing a wolf in the age of cell phones is, obviously, texting. But Posey showed off his knuckle-texting skills for us, and let's just say that if knuckle-texting were ever to become an Olympic event, he'd have a solid shot at the gold.

Record-Breaking Viewing of "Meet the Parents"

Roden works 10- to 18-hour days and wanted to play a movie on loop for her dog, Fivel. She looked through her DVD collection and concluded that this Ben Stiller comedy was more Fivel-friendly than her other movies, "Precious," "Away From Her," and "The Hours." Good call. Roden guesstimates that Fivel has seen "Meet the Parents" 300 times.

Most Stunning Shirtless Shocks

"In Season 1, it seemed like I didn't own a shirt," says Hoechlin. "I was told I'd be shirtless a lot in Season 2, so I did an extreme diet and training. But then I only had one shirtless scene." Posey, on the other hand, likes it better with his shirt on: "Sometimes I feel like people think that I like walking around with my shirt off, and I don't want to give that impression, so I put my shirt on." Sounds like these guys need a hug. Anyone?

"Teen Wolf" Season 3 premieres Monday, 6/3 at 10 PM on MTV, and Season 2 is now available on DVD.


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