'Merlin' Series Finale Preview: A Dream Is Not a Dream [Exclusive Video]


SPOILER ALERT: This preview reveals information about the series finale of "Merlin."

It's almost time for the fantasy and wizardry of "Merlin" to end in a poof. But fear not, we have an exclusive sneak peek at the two-part series finale to prepare you for its action-packed sendoff.

Previously on "Merlin," Mordred became an enemy of Camelot after Arthur had Mordred's true love put to death. Mordred was clearly not concerned that she tried to kill Arthur and showed no remorse for her actions. Mordred turned to Morgana, revealing to her the true identity of Emrys: Merlin. With the truth known, will Morgana be an unstoppable force against Arthur?

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In this exclusive clip from the finale, "The Diamond of the Day," Merlin and Arthur have been separated. Merlin's only hope to save Arthur from certain death by Mordred's hand is to communicate with his sleeping king through a magic crystal. The gist of the message is that Morgana has learned of Arthur's battle plans through devious means and plans to surprise him with her own army of sorcerers.

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When Arthur wakes, he is confused to realize that his "dream" did not feel like a dream at all. He stops short of explaining what it did feel like. Was he about to say that it felt like magic? Perhaps so. He seems to have a new air of clarity and determination.

Arthur takes Merlin's words to heart and forms a plan around Morgana's trickery. Arthur has always had the ability to inspire his men to die for their kingdom. The moment Arthur finishes his battle plan and spiel, his soldiers are ready for battle. Merlin uses his magic crystal to view the inspirational message from afar.

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Merlin saw the future through the magic crystal earlier in the season. The future reflected back continues to seem inevitable. Every step Merlin has taken to stop what he saw in the crystal has only served to move those events forward. He has been, in fact, creating the very circumstances by which Arthur may be killed. Is it even possible for his warning to Arthur about Morgana to create results that are different from those he has seen all along?

Find out when "The Diamond of the Day" airs on Friday, 5/24 at 10 PM on SyFy.