'Low Winter Sun' Trailer: AMC's Next Great Show? [Video]

Yahoo! TV

The one thing that could possibly cushion the blow of the imminent series finale of "Breaking Bad"? Another great drama on AMC, and "Low Winter Sun," previewed in the trailer above, could be that series.

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The show, adapted from a 2006 British miniseries of the same name, stars Mark Strong ("Zero Dark Thirty") and Lennie James -- who should earn an Emmy nomination for his guest spot as Rick's friend Morgan on "The Walking Dead" this season -- as Detroit cops who find themselves on the other side of the law when Strong's Frank Agnew kills a fellow cop.

"Low Winter Sun" will be filmed on location in Detroit, which is a nice bonus for that beleaguered city's economy, and the 10-episode season is set to premiere this summer.

When Yahoo! TV talked to James after his latest "Walking Dead" guest stint earlier this month, he hinted that the network might be planning to premiere "Low Winter Sun" after the final episode of "Breaking Bad."

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He also described his character, Joe.

"[My] character is a guy who originally trained to be a priest, and who has now become a Detroit cop," James said. "And I think he's … in some way, he thinks the killing that he takes part in is an act of redemption, but I think it turns into something completely different for him. And that's exciting, to play a man with a very clear moral code who finds himself not just breaking the law, but breaking his own rules."

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