Newbee Gaming announce roster for 2017 LPL Spring

Newbee Gaming's 2017 Spring roster (Newbee LoL weibo)
Newbee Gaming’s 2017 Spring roster (Newbee LoL weibo)

On December 18, Newbee Gaming announced the addition of Yu “Cool” Jiajun as mid laner. Aside from Cool, Newbee Gaming have gained substitute AD carry and support players and a new coach for their LPL roster for the 2017 Spring split, according to weibo.

Following a disappointing finish in the LPL Promotion Tournament in the 2016 LPL season, Bae “dade” Eojin left Newbee Gaming. The QG Reapers roster that placed second in 2015 LPL Summer and finished top of their group in the LPL regular season in 2016 Spring were sold to Newbee Gaming and rebranded in 2016 LPL Summer with only the mid laner changed, resulting in a bottom four finish.

Earlier this week, the team announced the addition of long time Oh My God mid laner Cool to the team’s main lineup. Newbee revealed the rest of the roster on December 19.

Coach: Zhang “YuZhe” Zhe

  • Top: Bao “V” Bo

  • Jungle: Baek “Swift” Dahoon

  • Mid: Yu “Cool” Jiajun

  • ADC: Yu “Happy” Rui

  • ADC: Lin “Lwx” Weixiang

  • Support: Zhang “Mor” Hongwei’

  • Support: Liu “Pinus” Qingsong

YuZhe previously played support for Newbee and Newbee Young before coming back to the organization as a coach. He is best known internationally as the support for Team WE during their second place finish at the 2015 IEM World Championship where they defeated GE Tigers in a best of three.

Lwx and Pinus (formerly Lqs) played for LSPL team Tan Chi Sa Gaming, who placed eighth of 14 teams. They are likely to be subs for the 2017 season.

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