Newbee announce 2017 LPL Summer roster, Corn joins

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Newbee Gaming’s Coco and Swift (Dionne Ng)
Newbee Gaming’s Coco and Swift (Dionne Ng)

Newbee Gaming have announced their 2017 LPL Summer League of Legends roster. Aside from the addition of AD carry Li “Vasilii” Weijun, Lei “Corn” Wen, previously of the Royal Club organization, has joined as a mid lane substitute.

Following the departure of Yu “Cool” Jiajun, Newbee made a few tweaks to their LPL lineup. After AD carry tryouts they added Vasilii, but also ensured they had a mid lane substitute with ex-Royal Club mid laner and 2014 World Championship finalist, Corn. Newbee maintain at least one sub in every position.

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Top: Bao “V” Bo
Top: Fan “Skye” Qifang
Jungle: Baek “Swift” Dahoon
Jungle: Li “Dream6” Xiang
Jungle: Hong “HanXuan” Hao
Mid: Shin “Coco” Jinyeong
Mid: Lei “Corn” Wen
ADC: Li “Vasilii” Weijun
ADC: Yu “Happy” Rui
ADC: Lin “Lwx” Weixiang
Support: Zhang “Mor” Hongwei
Support: Liu “Pinus” Qingsong

The team will also retain their staff from the previous split, including Coach Lee “Hiro” Woosuk, who joined the team part-way through the split.

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