New York Red Bulls midfielder Kaku issued red card after hitting fan with ball

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New York Red Bulls midfielder Kaku was issued a red card during Sunday’s contest against Sporting KC after intentionally kicking a ball into the stands that hit a nearby fan.

The hit came in extra time between the two teams. A result of frustration, Kaku, kicked the ball at close range into the stands hitting a fan in the face. The transgression incited a scrum between the two teams as they closed to a 2-2 draw.

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The fan was treated for a bloody nose, per the Kansas City Star. Following the game, members of the Red Bulls stepped into the stands to greet the fan, who stuck around until the end.

Luis Robles, the Red Bulls goalie, told reporters that he believed Kaku didn’t mean to hit the fan. “I know that he’s remorseful about it,” Robles said. “I know that he didn’t mean to do it. We all checked in with the guy. I guess that’s the price you pay when you sit in the front row, right?"

Kaku himself issued three separate apologies on Twitter after the game.

The MLS did not immediately announce a punishment for Kaku.

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