New 'Star Wars' trailer will debut during 'Monday Night Football'

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Good news for fans of “Star Wars”: on “Monday Night Football,” you’ll be able to see a callow young warrior face the challenge of surviving a merciless, bloodthirsty horde. But enough about Mitchell Trubisky and Chicago Bears fans; there’s gonna be a new “Last Jedi” trailer!

Yes, in a brilliant example of corporate synergy, ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” will show the latest trailer promoting the latest “Star Wars” flick, a move which will surely help boost ratings for the venerable icon. Yes, the NFL has dealt with zombies, politicians and protests taking bites out of its ratings, so it’s fighting back with Jedi knights. This is the world we live in today, friends.

Anyway, the first report of the new trailer arrived early Sunday:

Shortly thereafter came more specifics: that the trailer would air during “Monday Night Football” on ESPN. This should come as a surprise to exactly no one, since both ESPN and “Star Wars” are the property of Disney.

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If history’s any guide, don’t look for the trailer to show up right after kickoff. No, Disney’s gonna tease this mother out, and oh, will there be some awkward banter ensuing (Jon Gruden: “Chewbacca? Now there’s a guy who can knock down a pass! But you gotta be careful he doesn’t rip a QB’s arm out of the socket … I mean, again”).

Anyway, tune in Monday night for a little dose of lightsabers with your football. It’ll be Vaderriffic!*

*Yes, we know it’s unlikely Darth Vader appears in this movie. Roll with us.

When the NFL meets Star Wars, amazing things happen. (Getty)
When the NFL meets Star Wars, amazing things happen. (Getty)

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