Newest Jets drama: Adam Gase reportedly calls out Gregg Williams in CBS broadcast meeting

Eric Edholm

The Adam Gase-Gregg Williams tension has a new chapter during the New York Jets’ trying season.

Williams, the Jets’ defensive coordinator, appeared to throw shade at the team’s offense — run by Gase — on Friday. Then during Sunday’s broadcast against the Miami Dolphins, the CBS announcing crew reported that Gase fired back at Williams’ comments to them behind closed doors.

The Jets’ miserable 0-5 start has left everyone a little testy, and it’s been quite the week, even by Jets standards. It started when they were unable to trade Le’Veon Bell, the Jets had no choice but to release him Monday.

Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and head coach Adam Gase appear to have brewing tension. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and head coach Adam Gase appear to have brewing tension. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

And it hit another speed bump Friday when Williams appeared to throw Gase’s offense under the bus when asked about the team’s defensive performance.

“It’s not a very good number — and a lot of it’s not all defensively. It’s points on the board and we’ve got to do a good job of that, and how you do that is make them kick more field goals, got to do a better job in field-position-type things.”

Asked to clarify his “not all defensively” comment, Williams said, “you’d have to figure it out,” and then ended his video call with media.

Williams basically said what he wanted to say without actually uttering the words.

Gase, who retained his play-calling duties after saying everyone on the staff wanted it that way, met with the CBS announcing crew Saturday night, as all head coaches do before games.

But typically those conversations can be for background information, and rarely are coaches quoted so directly with such negative comments — and certainly not pointed at another coach on staff.

Gregg Williams isn’t scared of controversy

Williams, of course, is no stranger to tension with fellow coaches on his own staff. He was fired from the New Orleans Saints staff in the aftermath of the “Bountygate” controversy (and then later fired by the St. Louis Rams before ever coaching a game there in 2013 after his suspension was handed down).

Williams also was in the middle of the Cleveland Browns’ tension in 2018, which led to Hue Jackson’s firing in the middle of that season. Despite Williams leading the Browns to a 5-3 mark as interim head coach, the team passed him over for the permanent job for Freddie Kitchens, who was fired after a 6-10 season in 2019.

After the game — a 24-zilch loss to the Dolphins — Gase admitted that he didn’t appreciate Williams’ comments.

The Jets have plenty of things to worry about other than this current Williams-Gase drama. But the coaching-staff tension has added a new layer of drama to a bad football team going nowhere.

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