New esports arena opens in Vegas today, but it has a weird name

Millennial Esports officially opens its esports arena in Vegas today. The venue is a dedicated space for competitive gaming events, and is located in the heart of Vegas at the Neonopolis.

The venue has an odd name though: thE Arena. Yes, random capital letters and all. According to an official statement sent to Yahoo Esports, the formatting of the name is the way it is because “the ‘E’ stands for E-sports. The ‘A’ stands for arena.”

While I understand that mid-word capitalization of names is unfortunately a regular thing in esports (see OpTic, FaZe, and compLexity), the name looks like a typo. A shame, because the arena itself is pretty impressive: the main hall has capacity for 900 attendees, and the arena itself can accommodate up to 250 spectators in stadium-style seating.

thE Arena’s official grand opening is today. (Millennial Esports)
thE Arena’s official grand opening is today. (Millennial Esports)

The venue is also home to more than 150 gaming consoles, and the company is aiming to have over 300 PCs and consoles on site. It is wired with broadcasting capability, and can host tournaments year round at any hour – it is Vegas, after all. The 15,000-square foot studio will be open to visitors even when tournaments are not happening.

Millennial Esports hosted a soft launch in November 2016. This weekend it will be hosting the North American Halo World Championship Qualifier which sports a prize pool of $50,000 and will be live streamed. The top six teams will qualify for the Halo World Championship Finals this Spring, which has a $1 million prize pool.