New college gambling investigations in Iowa, Bob Huggins in hot water at WVU & does Texas have an elite roster?

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Dan Wetzel and SI’s Pat Forde & Ross Dellenger examine the latest investigations that are taking place at the University of Iowa and Iowa State amid student athlete gambling allegations.

At both the University of Iowa and Iowa State, investigators are getting involved with possible gambling activity from student athletes. The guys discuss why and how this could have transpired, along with explaining that gambling on sports is just something that you can’t do if you are a student athlete. With major sportsbook exposure and legalized gambling in more states, a development like this was bound to happen eventually.

West Virginia University men’s basketball coach Bob Huggins is in hot water after making insensitive remarks on a radio show in Cincinnati. The longtime coach issued an apology immediately after, causing speculation for his future with the Mountaineer program.

In other college sports news, this week, Urban Meyer stated that the Texas Longhorns have one of the best, if not the best, pound-for-pound roster in college football. With a higher emphasis on recruiting in the trenches, will the Longhorns finally be able to live up to the hype? Also, the Clemson message boards have been active recently, with one post stating that, due to the increased levels in education at the university, there could be drawbacks for the football program’s success. A wild speculation, indeed.

In transfer portal news, former Michigan State quarterback Payton Thorne has transferred to Auburn & DJ Rodman has left Washington State to play basketball for the USC Trojans.

Lastly, in news of the weird, there is an update on the pasta dumping in New Jersey, a Utah woman wrote a morbid book about her dead husband & Bo Jackson can’t get rid of the hiccups.

0:00 - Introduction

1:00 Iowa and Iowa State are under investigation for student athletes gambling

25:42 Bob Huggins is in hot water after using an anti-gay slur on a radio show

38:02 Urban Meyer stated that Texas has a top roster in the nation

42:33 The Clemson academic standards are rising

49:42 Payton Thorne transfers to Auburn

52:00 DJ Rodman transfers from Washington State to USC

54:52 An update on the New Jersey pasta dumping scandal.

57:42 A Utah woman wrote a book about grieving a lost parent

1:01:20 Bo Jackson has had a constant case of the hiccups

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WVU's Bob Huggins looks onto the court vs Morehead State
Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports
WVU's Bob Huggins looks onto the court vs Morehead State Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports
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