New Atlanta Falcons uniforms: yea or nay?

The Atlanta Falcons were scheduled to release their new uniforms next week, but a Tuesday night Twitter leak pushed that date up a few days. So the team turned their new red, black and white creations loose on the world.

Your thoughts?

Nobody ever likes new uniforms; everybody wants some version of the old uniform back, which they probably hated at the time it was new.

New unis. (Courtesy Atlanta Falcons)
New unis. (Courtesy Atlanta Falcons)

The primary change is a large ATL on the front of the jerseys. Since the logo is a key part of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium seating design, that wasn’t changing, nor were the colors themselves. But the fonts of the numbers are different, and the pairing of jersey and pants — all white for away games, all black for home — is new as well.

The helmets are matte black, with a larger logo:

New unis, in action. (Courtesy Atlanta Falcons)
New unis, in action. (Courtesy Atlanta Falcons)

“As you know, part of our promise as an organization is to listen and respond,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank wrote in announcing the new uniforms. “Time and again, we’ve heard you ask for new uniforms over the years, and in the spirit of our core values, we’ve listened to you and responded with what I know will be an exciting new era of Falcons football.”

Naturally, the Falcons’ rivals leaped right onto the pile-on bandwagon:

The Falcons fired back with a solid Cam Newton-based reply:

Now ... your thoughts?

New Falcons helmet. (Via Atlanta Falcons)
New Falcons helmet. (Courtesy Atlanta Falcons)


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