Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie says refs ‘definitely missed one’ in loss to T-Wolves

NEW YORK — Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie has admitted in the past that he gives the referees a hard time in any game that he plays in, especially when he fouls like he drew contact and wasn’t rewarded with free-throws. Dinwiddie drives to the rim as much as any other player in the league so it makes sense that he is usually in a situation to complain about the officiating.

“Why would I change my opinion?” Dinwiddie said after dropping 30 points and six assists in Tuesday’s 107-102 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Dinwiddie had a three-point attempt with 8.1 seconds left that was blocked by Minnesota’s Anthony Edwards. However, it looked like there was some contact on the play as it looked like Edwards touched Dinwiddie’s elbow. “He (Edwards) hit me on the elbow,” Dinwiddie explained. “I mean, you saw it. I’m just saying, it’s the story of what I kind of have talked about.”

Dinwiddie has said in the past how players like him, not high-profile players, struggle to get consistent officiating from the officials. Despite how much he drove to the rim, Dinwiddie earned only two free-throws so one can imagine how frustrated he is in games like this that are decided by just a few points. “But, they (the refs) definitely missed one. Well, several actually. We all saw the replays.”


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Story originally appeared on Nets Wire