Nets’ Kevin Ollie speaks on Jalen Wilson’s multi-year contract

NEW YORK — The Brooklyn Nets have had a tough past few months as they went from a team looking to overcome the odds to a franchise who may be as expected. However, one of the great stories that came out of this season was the fact that 2023 second-round pick Jalen Wilson had his Two-Way deal converted into a multi-year contract on Friday.

“Just stability, just a constant professional, get in a gym early, leave late, all those different things that everybody says, but they’re true,” Nets interim head coach Kevin Ollie said of Wilson prior to Saturday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks. While Brooklyn confirmed that they signed Wilson to a multi-year contract while not publicizing the exact terms of the agreement, Michael Scotto of HoopsHype reported that the deal is for three seasons.

Scotto also reported that Wilson’s contract for the rest of this season is guaranteed while the 2024-25 season is partially guaranteed and the 2025-26 season is a team option. Wilson has been getting regular minutes in the rotation in February after showing what he could do for Brooklyn right away with his three-point shooting and hustle plays.

“Just always in the lab,” Ollie continued. “Working on his game, perfecting his game, open to coaching, just a great role model. And yeah, he’s young, but he’s a leader. And, we see those qualities in him. We see the leadership in him. And, he’s just going to continue to develop because he’s open for learning. And he’s eager for learning.”

Wilson was the 51st overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft after spending four years at the University of Kansas where he went a national title and was a consensus All-American. He’s averaging 5.0 points, 2.4 rebounds, and 1.1 assists per game while shooting 46.8% from the field and 43.3% from three-point range in 21 appearances.

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire