Nets fan recognizes the team’s CEO on the street, and is awarded with an internship as a (semi) result (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie

Getting an office gig with a sports team is no sure thing. Though the Brooklyn Nets recently relocated from New Jersey, the team is likely to keep most of its staff even with the move into the Big Apple. There aren't a lot of openings to be found, we're guessing, but if you're a big enough fan of the team to actually recognize its CEO (not its famous owner or more famous co-owner, or very public GM) after he enjoys some delicious sushi, then you're probably well on your way. Especially if you're of intern age, you study economics and finance in college, and the CEO is giving you a tour of the team's offices while a promotional video team films it.

Nets fan and future intern Vivek Shah took in a good bit of kismet following his on-the-street recognition of Brooklyn Nets CEO Brett Yormark in June. Watch, via Nets Daily and The Basketball Jones, Shah touring the Nets' offices and being offered the internship:

It's a lesson for the kids. Ignore the team's star point guard and well-respected coach, but memorize the head shots in suits and ties in the team's game program. You might get an internship and sweet jacket (sorry, "sick gear") out of it.

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