Nets’ Cam Thomas joins Gil’s Arena to discuss next season

Brooklyn Nets guard Cam Thomas is heading into his third season in the NBA and so far, he has been trying to show what he can do when given the opportunity. Ever since he was selected by the Nets with the 27th overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft out of LSU, Thomas has displayed his ability to score the basketball as soon as he steps on the court.

Unfortunately, Thomas’ scoring prowess has not led to him seeing more time on the court as he averages just 17.1 minutes per game over 124 games played, including 6 starts. It does make sense that Thomas has not seen an increase in playing time over the past two seasons given the fact that he was on a team led by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving just to follow that up by being on a team led by Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson.

Despite the fact that Thomas has not seen more playing time because of how many quality players have been in Brooklyn over the past two seasons, he still chooses to push himself to be better and has seen his game grow. Thomas made an appearance on Gil’s Arena to talk about various topics, including his own preparation for next season, and here are some of his responses:

Thomas on what he's doing to get ready for next season

“Really just focusing on just get my body right, conditioning aspect, but I mean obviously off-court stuff is there. You know, we all hoop, but we just gonna keep working on everything. Really just getting my body right and just being more in better shape, better condition.”

Thomas on what motivates him to stay ready to play

“Had to be, had to be. Because we was transitioning from the super team (with Durant and Irving) to getting those guys out of there because that was when Ky (Irving) got traded then K (Durant) got traded like two days after so it was like, we was starting to transition a little bit. So, I was like (expletive) I mean they gotta play me now, you know? K ain’t playing, Ky ain’t playing.”

Thomas on what he learned from Durant and Irving

“Everything really. My rookie year, K told me (to) always get closer to the hoop because sometimes when you first come in, you take long twos and then, he told me just try to get in the painted area to get to your middies (mid-range jumpshots) because it’s always there, honestly. So, he was like, start from inside-out because kids now, they try to go three ball, then to the hoop, you know? Because K got like an old school game as far as like inside-out, middies, pull-ups and then, he’ll go out to three. you know, K don’t shoot a lot of threes like everybody doing in today’s game. So, I mean, that’s really the main thing.

And Ky’s just Ky, man. Left hand, right hand, and he got literally everything. So, it was like I learned so much from them and you know, they really helped me in my career so far.”

Cam Thomas Interview

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire