Netherlands 2022 World Cup away kit: another vintage change strip for the Dutch?

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 Netherlands 2022 World Cup away kit: It's another vintage change strip for the Dutch
Netherlands 2022 World Cup away kit: It's another vintage change strip for the Dutch

The Netherlands 2022 World Cup away kit has dropped – and it feels like another vintage effort for the Dutch this time around.

Louis van Gaal's men haven't been to a World Cup since 2014 but have brought back a dark blue jersey for the occasion, with black and reddish orange prominent on this one, too. It's a more minimal effort than the nation's home shirt, for certain.

Adidas and Puma have already released their World Cup kits, with the Swoosh now following – the Nike home shirt for the Oranje has dropped, too. Almost all World Cup shirts have now been released ahead of November's tournament.

FFT's verdict

The Netherlands 2022 World Cup away kit ticks every box for what this top should be

Holland go with all sorts for their away shirts. We think of white being the primary change colour but 1988 saw a sort of light blue and white version of that iconic Adidas strip. Since, they've worn a sky blue, black and purple when they've not donned their lovely orange.

This particular shade of blue veers on purple, recalling the Euro 2000 away top – perhaps 2014's away shirt was a reference too: the one that Robin van Persie wore when he flung himself like a salmon to score against Spain. There's black integrated into this one, with a sort of reddish-orange used for the logos.

It feels quintessentially Dutch, too. Don't ask us why: it's not a copy of any old Oranje change kit and yet if you were to swap the crest for England's or France's, we'd know that it should have been used for the Netherlands.

Nike 2022 World Cup kit
Nike 2022 World Cup kit

Yet for all the niceness of this one, it's a lovely shirt without any particular striking details that set it apart. It'll no doubt grow in popularity should Virgil van Dijk mark the world's best while wearing it in the Qatari heat but for now, it doesn't really stand out much.

Not like the white women's away shirt from the summer, inspired by the geometric shapes of Piet Mondrian and bearing blue and red rectangles all over. Now that was a stunner – this one's nice and inoffensive.

Nike 2022 World Cup kit
Nike 2022 World Cup kit

Still, there's something to be said for that too. This one will certainly be easier to pair with casual clothes than the lion-inspired home shirt and there will be Dutch folk out there who are pleased to see a long-awaited return to blue, following last year's plain black polo-esque effort.

You can buy this one from Nike football – the rest of the World Cup kits are on there, too.

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Nike 2022 World Cup kit
Nike 2022 World Cup kit

Nike Netherlands 2022 World Cup away shirt

Simple, effective and recalling some Dutch favourites

Sizes: S-3XL


Classic colour combo for the Netherlands

Red detailing on the logos looks awesome

Nothing particularly striking about it

Shirt info

What is the sizing like with the Nike Netherlands 2022 World Cup away kit?

The sizing with all Nike football kits is natural enough for your size – though the cuffs and collar might be a little tight if you're looking for a slimmer fit.

Nike have a full size guide here.

What is the difference between the match and regular versions of the Nike Netherlands 2022 World Cup away kit?

The match version of the shirt is the official jersey that the players will wear for matches. The only differences are minimal, usually in the material being slightly different and the badges and logos being woven into the shirt rather than printed on.

"This one pairs authentic design details with lightweight, quick-drying fabric to help keep the world's biggest football stars cool and comfortable on the pitch. This product is made from 100% recycled polyester fibres," Nike says.

"Nike Dri-FIT ADV technology combines moisture-wicking fabric with advanced engineering and features to help you stay dry and comfortable. Informed by athlete testing, open-hole fabric in high-heat zones helps you stay cool when the game heats up."

If you want to pay extra for that added quality, you can buy the authentic shirt here. In terms of design or feel though, the regular version of the top is perfectly good and just the same to the naked eye.