Netflix's ‘Jewish Matchmaking’ Will Be Your New Favorite Dating Show

netflix jewish matchmaking
'Jewish Matchmaking' Season 1: Cast, Release DateNetflix

If you're streaming the latest season of Indian Matchmaking and worried about how you'll fill your time when you've finished, don't fret. There's a brand new dating show to add to your queue: Jewish Matchmakingbecause just when you thought the reality dating show pool couldn't get any better, Netflix is here to prove how wrong you are.

ICYMI, Indian Matchmaking is one of Netflix's hit dating shows, and it follows matchmaker Simia Taparia as she attempts to pair Indian singles to potential life partners. Of course, like all good dating shows, it comes with its fair share of drama and mess—plus some hilarity here and there. So if that's your jam, Jewish Matchmaking will not disappoint: The upcoming series will closely resemble its Indian cousin, with the obvious twist that the singles will be Jewish rather than Indian.

Here's everything to know about the upcoming Netflix dating series:

The show will closely follow the formula for Indian Matchmaking.

Jewish Matchmaking will closely follow the premise of the original Matchmaking franchise. But this time, the show will take the traditional Jewish matchmaking practice of shidduch, and give it a modern spin. Matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom will interview and work with the cast (as clients) to help them find true love. And it seems like she will stop at nothing to make sure her singles find the one. "I'm not your granny's matchmaker," she told E! News of her role on the show.

Aleeza Ben Shalom has been a professional matchmaker for 12 years.

While specific details about the cast haven't been revealed, audiences have already gotten to meet Orthodox dating coach Aleeza Ben Shalom. Aleeza, who says her job is "the hardest job in the world," in the trailer, has been a matchmaker since 2011, according to the Jerusalem Post. In fact, she has already helped over 200 couples find their match, per her website. Although she is originally from Philadelphia, she is currently based in Israel, according to Kveller.

This series will follow Aleeza closely as she helps Jewish singles from both Israel and the United States navigate the dating pool. "This show will resonate with viewers not only because of the endearing people and entertaining episodes, but because of the takeaways, insights, and advice I share that you can put in your pocket," she told PEOPLE.

Aleeza clearly mastered finding a match for herself, too. She's currently married with five children and a dog, per her website. Aww.

You can find some cast members on Instagram.

Netflix hasn't released a full list of the cast—but a few can be sleuthed on Instagram. Some of the Jewish Matchmaking singles include Miami Sephardic Club founder David Behar, NYC comedian Pamela Rae Schuller, and Chicago-based musician Stuart Chaseman, who cheekily says "I'm very handsome, I'm very intelligent, I have a ton of charisma, but by far my greatest quality is my humility," in the trailer.

The season is full of cute dates.

Based on the trailer (and Instagram), it looks like this season of has tons perfect first dates—from drinks to horseback riding to ice cream. And as for how well the matches fit, it could go either way. One contestant asks Aleeza if she'll "save" her and find her someone. Another, presumably after going on a date, says his date's two red flags are that she was vegan and owned two cats. After a successful evening, one cast member asks another how big her date's "mezuzah" is. It's truly brutal out there.

However, it seems like all the singles are serious about meeting a match. Since they're from both the United States and Israel, hopefully they'll all have a real opportunity to find their person. After all, that's what it's all about.

"Jewish Matchmaking depicts the universal search for true love," executive producer Aaron Saidman told PEOPLE.

It premieres May 3.

You won't have to wait much longer to meet all of the Jewish singles. Jewish Matchmaking will drop the entire first season, or eight episodes, at once on Netflix on Friday, May 3. I'm counting down the days.

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