Neighborhood on edge after group of kids attempts to force their way into cars

Several people tell Channel 9 they believe a group of young kids is trying to force their way into people’s cars, sometimes even while they’re still inside.

Police went to a day care where one of those incidents happened hoping to get video, but unfortunately the camera didn’t capture it. One of the victims told police a group of young kids pulled her car door open before her dogs scared them off.

“But he looked, they were pretty little. They were definitely younger kids,” a woman told Channel 9.

That woman was also a victim, but she didn’t want to be identified. Police say the children flagged down three women in the Barringer Woods community asking to use the phone.

“As I was at the stop sign a little guy, I thought maybe fourth grade, came over to my car and said he needed to use the phone, he needed to get in touch with his parents,” she said.

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Given the child’s age, which she was guessing was 10 to 12 years old, and his size, the woman said yes. She didn’t get suspicious until he asked for one thing too many.

“He kept saying he thought the car was a nice car. He asked me if he could drive it, and I just looked at him and I went, ‘No, don’t be silly.’ I said no and that’s when he jumped and got out.”

All of the situations occurred around the middle of August and all of the neighbors are talking about it.

“I can’t believe it. When I was that age, I wasn’t thinking about doing anything like that to anybody, it’s just insane.”

“You could tell he has a lot of potential, and just seeing young kids like that causing chaos for really no reason is just heartbreaking, and we as a society need to do more for kids and give them more of an outlet than just sitting on the corner.”

The Barringer Woods neighborhood association is going to meet this week and discuss this issue with the police, and how neighbors can better protect themselves.

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