The Negroni Tropical is the poolside cocktail of your dreams

This variation on the Negroni has a fun tropical twist

Video Transcript

- Hello, hello. Welcome to In The Know-- Bar Master. I'm [INAUDIBLE] all day. And today, we're going to be making a fun variation of the Negroni. I call it Negroni tropical.

First, we're going to need your mixing glass. This is a stirred cocktail. So we're going to take our toasted coconut Campari, then we're going to go into our Punt e Mes. Following that, we have our lovely Jamaican pot still style rum, Smith and Cross. Now this is just a pinch. We're going to do a 1/4 ounce because this is going to be a little fortification for the cocktail.

Then we have one of the things that make this cocktail Negroni tropical. We have a pineapple infused rum. This is going to be 3/4 ounce of that. Now we need to ice our vessel. Make sure you add plenty ice. You want to fill it to the top, then get your favorite bar spoon. We're going to give it a little stir.

Now, like I said earlier, negronis need a ton of dilution so don't be afraid to really get it in there. Now we're ready to ice our glass. Put two lovely spheres here. We're going to give the aromatic of lemon here. We're going to release some citrus oils on top of this cocktail. Then we're going to garnish it with the fronds of a pineapple. And we're going to take a beautiful white, lay it on top, and there you have it.

I present to you the Negroni tropical. This has been In The Know Bar-- Master. I'm [INAUDIBLE] all day. Happy drinking.