Who Needs a Television?: The Adventures of a Seoul E-Land Fan Abroad Episode 4

Who Needs a Television?: The Adventures of a Seoul E-Land Fan Abroad Episode 4
Who Needs a Television?: The Adventures of a Seoul E-Land Fan Abroad Episode 4

Here I am again with another instalment of my life outside the Republic of Korea, following the super Leopards of Seoul E-Land. As summer arrives in Seoul, I'm rather jealous you are now enjoying the same weather I've had all year. However, I won’t be petty and will move on with today’s article.

It's been a mixed bag since we last connected, but I must say there has been more good than bad. Let's take a look at what May and the start of June looked like for me in Thailand.

Blue With Anger

Oh Jeonnam Dragons, what did we ever do to hurt you? The less I speak about this game, the better. We all know what happened: Seoul went one goal up only to lose it in injury time. Of course, there were also questionable refereeing decisions that made a mockery of the fixture, but I’ll digress.

I watched this game while trying to enjoy my favourite Thai dish, Pad Krapow Moo, a spicy and flavorful meal. Given that my better half is a fantastic cook, even the game couldn't sour the taste. She may have been angered that I did not take the routine picture of her cooking. This was mainly due to my feelings about Seoul and I was in no mood for photo ops. So above you will see the famous dish served in a restaurant at a later date.

This game did really get me thinking though. Are these going to be the games we would be looking at if we came up short in November? If we could have just held onto this game and salvaged a point, then that's all we may need in November for glory.

Dropping the Ball?

I have a feeling that Seoul might drop the ball here, and nothing signifies that more than drawing with Bucheon. Although Bucheon has often performed better than Seoul over the years, the Leopards always seem to get their number.

I watched this game with one eye on it, as I’ve taken on more work for future plans, shifting from a relaxed Thai working lifestyle back to something similar to my previous South Korean work life. The game was hidden on my phone behind my computer as I tried to complete my overtime work for the day. Once again, Seoul slightly underperformed, and Bucheon let them know about it.

On the bright side, it felt like being back in Korea with all the added work and missing a game due to prior commitments. Some say glutton for punishment; I say Seoul doesn’t pay me, so I have to earn my living elsewhere.

A Special Super Match

This was a day for the history books. May 25th, FA Cup final day. I woke up at 6 AM on a Saturday morning to go and, work for three hours, and then tried to take a nap. Given that it was Suwon Samsung Bluewings vs. Seoul E-Land and the FA Cup final on the same day, no napping took place. I was also invited to a birthday party and thought it only right to make an appearance. I arrived an hour before the Seoul kickoff and was already thinking about when would be a suitable time to slip my phone onto the table for the trusted old K League TV to appear.

A good time turned into a great time when I watched the last 20 minutes of the Seoul game on my phone and found myself jumping around ecstatically in the kitchen. Seoul managed to come from one goal down to silence the Bluewings. The game ended with me trying to video call every Seoul fan on my Kakao friends list, standing in the back garden elated by the result.

However, my mood shifted from happiness to nervousness once more as the FA Cup final loomed. I thought to myself that at least one team showed up for me this weekend, which would soften the blow of a potential Manchester City whitewash over United.

Oh, how wrong I was. After 90 minutes of stressful football, Manchester United became FA Cup champions, I was in tears on my condo floor. I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that both my teams were finally in a position to be proud of. It was a day I’ll never forget. Seoul E-Land were the victors in the second division Super Match and Manchester was once again red, what a joyous day.

Back To Buriram

It seems like every article will include some reference to Buriram from now on, and this one is no different. I was back in Isan for another birthday and it was time for Seoul vs. Gyeongnam, a team Seoul hadn't had much luck against in previous encounters.

However, this season is all about super Seoul, and they managed to secure a 2-1 win at home. For me, I was actually strolling around Buriram United’s stadium, the Thunder Castle, watching Seoul make light work of Gyeongnam on my phone.

As full-time approached, I was already in a restaurant eating Mu Kratha, which is the closest thing to Korean BBQ I can get in this part of the world. Maybe I need to keep watching Seoul on my phone; they are currently undefeated while I’ve been out and about.

KLU Patreon
KLU Patreon

Taking Some Time Off...

Well, there we go. We have an international break and even the Euros ahead of us before our next Seoul game. I am not sure what I will be doing for the next following weeks, I will not lie, I feel quite lost.

At the start, I thought these articles would feature other characters watching the games with me in different parts of Pattaya. However, it's turned more into a travel blog around Thailand as I watch the Leopards march to victory. To be honest, as long as Seoul keep winning, I do not care what situation I find myself in whilst checking in on the Leopards.