Ohio Bobcats

Ohio Bobcats

1st MIDAM FBS | 10-4
  • Passing Yards
    278.1 PYPG
  • Rushing Yards
    143.4 RYPG
  • Total Yards Per Game
    421.4 YPG
  • cleveland

    What's up with Tegra Tshabola, Zen Michalski and Ohio State football's right tackle competition?

    Tegra Tshabola quickly learned that fury alone would not get him far with Ohio State football. Employing that technique against the Buckeyes' defensive line earned him a taste test of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center turf. “You try to bulldoze somebody with your head down and they move out of your way, and you're on the ground on your stomach and the coach is getting on you,” Tshabola said. As Tshabola's wisdom expands, so does his standing in the program.