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    • Kings' Buddy Hield named to 2016-17 NBA All-Rookie First Team
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      Kings' Buddy Hield named to 2016-17 NBA All-Rookie First Team

      SACRAMENTO - The Sacramento Kings swung for the fences during the NBA Draft Thursday night. They filled holes, took a gamble and might have even come away with a steal or two in their four selections. There are major roster questions that still have to be answered in free agency or through trade, but here is a look at how the new faces fit into the current situation in Sacramento. De’Aaron Fox, point guard, University of Kentucky Sacramento let it be known early that Fox was a target. The speedy point guard put on a show in his lone season in Kentucky, averaging 16.7 points, 4.6 assists, 4.0 rebounds and 1.5 steals in 29.6 minutes per game. He’ll need to improve his 3-point shooting (24.6 percent)

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      NHL sponsoring college hockey study, which could aid Syracuse Division I hopes

      Remember me? The guy who used to pitch why Syracuse University should add baseball? Well I’m back talking about sports SU doesn’t have! At the NHL Draft, the NHL made an announcement that slipped through the cracks for some: The University of Illinois has agreed to be the first school to be part of this NHL study, as they have been debating adding hockey for awhile and there has been precedent for Big Ten schools making a successful move up. The school will work with NHL representatives and determine if they can follow in similar school footsteps and start a D1 men’s hockey team. For those playing catch-up: Penn State moved from club to D1 hockey thanks to a huge financial gift from the owner

    • Film By Son of "Hoosiers" Player Spotlights Cast Member's Depression and Suicide

      Film By Son of "Hoosiers" Player Spotlights Cast Member's Depression and Suicide

      Being a fan of the movie “Hoosiers,” the greatest movie about the greatest game ever invented, I’ve taken a few trips to the gym in Knightstown, Ind., that served as Hickory’s home floor, and I follow The Hoosier Gym (where you can walk in for nothing and shoot a few hoops) on Twitter. Today I saw a tweet about Landry Long, son of Brad “Buddy” Long, stopping by to say hi, and noting he had made a movie about teammate Kent “Merle Webb” Poole. Poole-as-Merle delivers perhaps the most famous line in the 1986 classic, saying before Hickory takes the floor for the championship game: “Let’s win this one for all the small schools that never had a chance to get here.” As you may know, except for David Niedorf (Everett Flatch, son of Dennis Hooper’s hopeless-drunk-turned-assistant-coach Shooter), all the Hickory Huskers were Indiana boys drafted not for their acting talent but for their basketball skills (including Maris Valainis as Jimmy Chitwood, who in fact did not play high school basketball).