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      7 people ID'd for threats to NCAA ref after Kentucky loss

      Seven people have been identified for threatening basketball referee John Higgins after an NCAA Tournament game in March. Information will be referred to authorities in their jurisdictions and to the FBI's Omaha field office, a Nebraska prosecutor said Friday. Sarpy County Attorney Lee Polikov said the identities were ascertained after a lengthy investigation following Kentucky's 75-73 loss to North Carolina in the South Region final in Memphis, Tennessee, on March 26. Polikov did not release the names. Kentucky coach John Calipari criticized the officiating during his postgame news conference. Higgins, of Omaha, saw his La Vista-based roofing company inundated with harassing emails, phone calls

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      Beilein still upbeat after Michigan loses another to NBA

      For a major program, Michigan is a somewhat unlikely candidate for this kind of NBA-induced attrition. The Wolverines have fielded some very good teams under John Beilein, but they haven’t been relying on prospects expected to jump to the pros as soon as they can. “We’re not depending all our success on one-and-dones,” Beilein said.

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      Steph Curry's college coach reveals 'the defining moment' of his evolution

      Stephen Curry is an NBA champion and a star who's changed the game with his boundless shooting ability, headed to his third straight Finals. Curry wasn't always the Baby-Faced Assassin, though. But his college coach, Bob McKillop, saw star potential in him during his first game at Davidson. A year-and-a-half before, in summer 2005, he'd watched Curry play in an AAU game in Las Vegas. It was not a good performance. Stephs game was like the JV game, and Im there watching, and he has nine turnovers. Nine! Im ducking his passes," McKillop told the San Jose Mercury-Tribune this week. But what I noticed was that he never stopped playing defense, he never complained to his teammates or the officials.