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Video: Streaker dressed as ref blows a play dead in the UCLA-Arizona game. Then it gets crazy.

By all rights, Thursday night's UCLA-Arizona tilt in Tucson should have been one of the most unwatchable games on television all season: One team that just fired its head coach on the heels of its fifth consecutive defeat, hosting another that's more than likely going to fire its head coach before the year is out. In fact, after watching his charges give up touchdowns on six consecutive first-half possessions en route to a 42-7 halftime deficit, UCLA boss Rick Neuheisel had to be contemplating whether he would even make it through the weekend or the final gun. Most of the viewing audience was contemplating switching to the World Series.

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Suddenly, with two seconds to play in the half and the novelty of the Bruins' meltdown fading into a kind of dirge, into the scene jogged a scrawny interloper with a whistle, a pair of ill-fitting pants and a startling talent for chaos:

In case you need to watch that again, keep an eye on the top of the screen from the start of the video. That's right: The streaker comes off the Arizona sideline dressed as a referee, blows the play dead before the snap, attempts to take the ball from an actual official, then proceeds to sprint toward one of the end zones while removing his costume. Meanwhile, with officials and security occupied with the streaker, a verbal sparring match between a group of players escalates into a shoving match, which quickly becomes a sideline-clearing melee involving virtually everyone on the field.

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Cooler heads prevailed before things escalated into Miami-Florida International or Southern-Arkansas-Pine Bluff territory, but not before two players — Arizona cornerback Shaquille Richardson and UCLA receiver Tyler Embree, the son of Colorado head coach Jon Embree — had been ejected from the game. (Usually, an ejection means a suspension for at least the first half of the following game, as well.) The fate of the streaker is unclear. Presumably, he was apprehended. If so, the new shrine in his honor back at the frat house will be worth it.

[UPDATE, 7:44 a.m., 10/21] Here's crowd video of the streaker's entire run — possibly shot by his friends — following him from the moment he leaves the stands to the moment he's led away in handcuffs by security. WARNING: Bro doesn't get completely naked here, but he's only a pair of underoos and a form tackle away:

The best part? Our man being slowly paraded in his skivvies in front of the halftime entertainment decked out in full 19th Century Mexican regalia. That's what I call fun for the whole family.

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