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Arizona State is doing the "Blackout" thing Friday night to show off its new all-black uniforms on ESPN, and is asking fans to come dressed in all-black to welcome both Missouri and the rare national television audience to Sun Devil Stadium. And since so many of you took the time to ask, yes, it's going to be a little over 100 degrees at kickoff. And no, ASU promises, the all-black motif isn't going to make you spontaneously combust:

Of course, as Georgia fans will tell you, no fancy degrees or scientific analysis can explain away the bad vibes that seem to follow the "Black Out" trend everywhere it goes. But any desert-based team named the "Sun Devils" that expresses concern over the heat is heading for trouble no matter what colors it wears. You've just spurned Walt Disney for a makeover the openly appeals to violent street gangs, Arizona State. You wanted to be big, badder, edgier. Embrace the temperature. Start practicing at noon in an indoor facility converted to work like a green house. Hold team retreats in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Ban air-conditioning on campus. Become masters of the mercury.

Otherwise, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the desert. Or at least get some lighter-colored uniforms because those things do look a little toasty. Wait, what's that… ?

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Hat tip: Ted Miller.
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