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Well, yeah, of course Donald Trump is taking credit for it, because that's what Donald Trump does. But look at the facts here, people.

First, Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville makes a live appearance Tuesday night as the celebrity guest on conservative television host Sean Hannity's "Great American Panel" on FOX News, where Tubs joins in criticism of the church where Barack Obama attended Easter services last weekend. Then he draws on his decades of public service experience to openly call for the president to release his long-form birth certificate to the American public:

Hannity: What do you think about this? The certificate of live birth exists. The birth announcement eight days later exists. So I think that's in the president's favor. But he could just go get the birth certificate and it would all be over, and I'm just curious why he wouldn't do that.

Tuberville: Well, we've got enough controversy going on in this country. I don't know why he wouldn't just step up and say, you know, 'Here it is.' Obviously there's gotta be something on there that he doesn't want anybody to see. I don't understand it. You know, as a common American, I just don't understand why we just go through this and I think it's continued to divide the country.

Hannity: By the way, for the record, I think he's probably born in the United States. Otherwise that birth announcement wouldn't be there. But it is odd.

Tuberville: Obviously there's got to be something on there that he doesn't want anybody to see. I just don't understand it.

(See video of Tuberville's appearance here.)

What happens next? What else: On Wednesday morning — years after the "birther" issue began to smolder on the political fringes but mere hours after the man who led the Auburn Tigers to a perfect 13-0 record in 2004 went on national television to force the issue — the President of the United States releases his long-form birth certificate to the American public. Oh, but I suppose that's just a coincidence, huh?

Here's to you, coach Tuberville, for daring to stand up where so many other decidedly non-political figures would not and singlehandedly resolving a critical issue that has threatened to split America at the seams. Where opportunists race to take credit, we know the truth: Thanks to your leadership, all doubts about Barack Obama's origin, background and legitimacy have finally been convincingly resolved forever, never to be questioned by anyone of any political persuasion again, and the American public can again look forward to years of a united citizenry standing resolutely behind its president. I guess all we needed all along was a "common American" to show those fat cats the light.

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