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Oklahoma State’s postmodern makeover is black and gray and orange all over

In search of a new way to spend mega-booster T. Boone Pickens' money, Oklahoma State quietly vowed in the spring to remake itself as "the Oregon of the Midwest": A traditional middleweight that announces its ambitions to move up in weight class by giving Nike designers free reign to bring its stale, predictable look into the 21st century and beyond. This is what they came up with.

Oklahoma State’s postmodern makeover is black and gray and orange all overThe key innovation, as with Oregon, is the addition of a third primary color, gray, to the traditional orange and black, and the addition of two new helmet colors — gray and black — to the exclusively white lids the Cowboys have worn for the last 30 years. With three helmet colors (white, gray and black), four jersey colors (white, gray, black and orange) and four pants colors (white, gray, black and orange), OSU's options expand from roughly nine possible combinations on any given Saturday to at least 48 possible combinations, enough to put them in new threads on a weekly basis for the next four years. And this is just the first round.

Elsewhere, the Cowboys have followed Arizona State's lead by giving their bowlegged cartoon mascot, Pistol Pete, a decidedly darker look that nearly captures the terror that the flesh-and-blood-and-fiberglass Pete inspires in person. I think the new logo should look a little more like this, personally, but for some reason the almighty Swoosh never asks me.

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Hat tip: Kyle from Pistols Firing.
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