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Georgia: These are your new uniforms against Boise State

Georgia fans, like all college football fans, value tradition above almost anything else. So I'm guessing there were a few deep breaths and some quiet gnashing of teeth and maybe even a garment or two rended this morning when they woke up to this: Courtesy of the Almighty Swoosh, the Bulldogs are inverting their traditional red helmets and silver britches for the Sept. 3 opener against Boise State in favor of an all-red motif accented by a silver lid. (See more pictures here.) On the bright side, at least the jerseys aren't black.

Georgia: These are your new uniforms against Boise StateThe helmet still has a significant amount of red, too, courtesy of a wide red stripe that extends all the way down the front of an otherwise black facemask. The only other time the Bulldogs have forsaken the red helmets since Vince Dooley began his 24-year reign as head coach in 1964 was on Halloween 2009, when they came out in black helmets with red facemasks for a little inspiration against then-No. 1 Florida. (It didn't work.) In fact, though, silver was the de facto choice for Georgia headgear for most of the pre-Dooley era, gracing such distinguished skulls as Frank Sinkwich and Charley Trippi. And Dooley himself almost went with white helmets in '64 instead of red.

Of course, the one thing all fans value even more than any tradition is winning. So if the new getup helps the Bulldogs get out of the gate with a win against a legitimate national championship contender in one of the most critical games of the season, they may never want to change them again.

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