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Eric LeGrand update: Paralyzed Rutgers lineman joins Knights’ radio teamEric LeGrand's dream of becoming a sportscaster will become a reality in 2011.

LeGrand, the Rutgers player paralyzed making a tackle on a kickoff against Army last season, will be part of the Rutgers' radio broadcast team for every game this year:

"I think it's really cool," [coach Greg] Schiano said. "He's going to do post (game), pre (game) and halftime. So we're going to get our E-rock report."

LeGrand's role will be to add expert opinion from a former player's perspective.

"I think (he will do) analysis, I don't know," Schiano said. "He might morph into interviews."

LeGrand was paralyzed from the neck down when he fractured his C-3 and C-4 vertebrae, but is seeing results on an aggressive rehab plan. In July, LeGrand posted two pictures to his Twitter feed showing him on his feet in therapy for the first time. He accompanied the photos with a pair of messages, "Standing up little by little in therapy," and "Standing tall, we can't fall. Standing upright again."

LeGrand has spent the 10 months since his injury immobilized in a hospital bed and then in a special chair that he's appeared in regularly since roughly the beginning of the year. Prior to standing, he'd reported "twitches going throughout the body" and movement in his arms, both in the span of less than a month. He's tweeted repeatedly his ultimate goal of walking back onto the field at Rutgers Stadium. For now, though, he'll settle for a little talking.

If you're interested, you can still contribute to the Eric LeGrand Believe Fund to assist his treatment, or make some strategic purchases on his behalf.

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Nick Bromberg is a regular contributor to Racin' Today and Yahoo! Sports' From the Marbles. He's on Twitter: Follow him @NickBromberg.

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