Dr. Saturday - NCAAF

In case you needed reminding, neither heat nor pain nor complete loss of mental faculties will stay Will "Boom, Mother[expletive]" Muschamp from his appointed insanity:

He might have done that to himself, if you were wondering, as penance for a rare Florida Atlantic first down during the Longhorns' overwhelming win over the Owls Saturday -- in pain, after all, lies a window to the soul, and to pumping up the pass rush. More likely, he just ripped his headset off too fast.

But a bloody defensive coordinator is a bloody defensive coordinator. What happens when the Longhorns get in an intense game they aren't dominating from the opening gun? My guess is it will look something like Luke Wilson's attempted suicide scene in The Royal Tenenbaums, but I've always been a conservative forecaster.

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Photo via Burnt Orange Nation.

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Dr. Saturday

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