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I doubt Urban Meyer ever seriously considered someday leaving Florida for Notre Dame -- "dream job" talk aside, there's a reason he turned ND down for the Gators in the first place -- but if there was a speck of a glimmer of a faraway star of a chance Meyer might end up in South Bend, after the rumors, the silly Photoshops and the digs from Steve Spurrier, it's officially dead now:

Meyer turned back to the golfers and said, "I'm not going to Notre Dame. Ever. I'm going to be the coach at Florida for a long time, as long as they want me."

He turned back to me and told me to put that in the paper, then to three other writers playing in the tournament and told them to print it.

You can thank certain columnists for killing the beast, at last. Thank you, certain columnists: With the season rapidly approaching, there won't be enough time to dig up the corpse of the Meyer-to-ND rumor again until at least December.

The meme went from annoying chatter to legitimate problem for Florida the second five-star, all-world 2010 prospect Matt Elam, heretofore a lock for the Gators, said he would go ahead with visits to other schools ($), apparently after "hear[ing] rumors there will be coaching changes at Florida after this season." I'm sure Meyer couldn't care less about Paul Finebaum, but when he tells the writers "Print it," he should have bought a subscription for Elam's address while he was at it.

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