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Either the Cap'n is close to finalizing a deal with Auburn, according to "a source with knowledge of the situation," or he's negotiating a new contract with Texas Tech as we speak, according to Tech AD Gerald Myers. Neither source under the circumstances is necessarily more reputable than the other. (Of course, Leach could be playing both off of one another for mighty booty. He's a shrewd one, the double-crossin' scalawag.)

If Leach goes to Auburn, I call dibs on Chris Todd for next year's fantasy roster. The same rag-armed wonder who completed barely 50 percent of his passes and was benched with a 5:6 TD:INT ratio when Tony Franklin was fired is good for at least 35 touchdown passes under the guru who originally recruited him. Book it.

UPDATE: Un-book it: Birmingham News says Leach is out, but the Tigers might be interested in extending Houston Nutt's eastward march through the division. After the "Pine Box" fiasco a decade ago, if Auburn snatches another well-liked coach from across state lines, it might as well realize: For Ole Miss, of course, this means war.

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